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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Sue Sylvester

Every Tuesday I post five questions relating to television or film, and the first person who sends me the correct answers wins the highly coveted Auntie Mame Award (for excellence in trivia).

Please send your answers for this week's questions to or via a private Facebook message at (DO NOT post your answers on here where everyone can see them or they will be deleted).

This week's theme is TV's Glee, which finally returns tonight after a four-month hiatus with the first of nine brand new episodes - so here are nine groovy questions to answer:

1) What 1984 hit song did the glee club perform in their Mattress Land commercial?

2) Whose body is like a rum chocolate souffle - "If I don't warm it up right, it doesn't rise"?

3) What is the first name of Terri Schuester's annoying sister?

4) What song did Puck sing as his first solo to the glee club? And what singer originally wrote and recorded it in 1969?

5) What bizarre name did Finn suggest for "his" and Quinn's baby?

6) What song did both April Rhodes and Rachel sing? And in what 1972 film is it also performed?

7) What singer admitted that he "loves a blowsy alcoholic" during his cameo appearance as himself?

8) What 1974 hit song did Finn sing to Quinn's parents?

9) Whose bedroom "looks like where Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie come to hook up"?

Last week Jason Duncan answered the following questions correctly about the TV series, Twin Peaks:

1) What was the name of Dale Cooper's never-seen assistant? And what did Cooper love to eat and drink? Diane, cherry pie/jelly donuts and "a damn fine cup of coffee"

2) Who wore a patch over her left eye? Nadine Hurley

3) What was the first name of Laura's identical cousin? Madeline/Maddy

4) What was the name of Benjamin Horne's daughter? And who was strongly suggested to be her half-sister at the end of season two? Audrey, Donna Hayward

5) Who murdered Laura Palmer (while possessed by the evil BOB)? Her father, Leland Palmer

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