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Friday, July 16, 2010

16 Groovy Cats in Pop Culture History

I haven't written much about my two cats here on Deep Dish, but they both have pop culture connections - Shubert was named after the now renamed Shubert Theatre in Chicago, while our Mr. Grant was obviously christened after Mary Richards' boss. Sadly, Shubert passed away yesterday at the age of eight, and we will dearly miss him. Now I don't want to get all maudlin and depressing, but I felt the need to honor Shubert in some way here on the Dish. Since he was a very groovy cat, I decided to make a list to celebrate my favorite cool cats in pop culture history. So here they are in chronological order:

1) Tom and Jerry cartoons first appeared in 1940

2) Sylvester the Cat (who first appeared in 1945) with his arch-nemesis Tweety Bird

3) The Cheshire Cat (Sterling Holloway) in the 1951 animated Disney film, Alice in Wonderland

4) Maggie the Cat (Elizabeth Taylor in the 1958 film, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

5) Mewsette (Judy Garland) and Jaune Tom (Robert Goulet) in the 1962 animated film, Gay Purr-ee

6) "DC", Hayley Mills' adventurous Siamese tomcat in the 1965 Disney film, That Darn Cat!

7) Catwoman (Julie Newmar) and Pussycat (singer Lesley Gore) in a 1967 episode of TV's Batman

8) Josie and the Pussycats (the 1970-73 animated TV series)

9) Scat Cat (Scatman Crothers), Duchess (Eva Gabor) and other cool cats in the 1970 animated Disney movie, The Aristocats

10) The Cat in the Hat (the 1971 animated TV special)

11) Mehitabel (Carol Channing) in the 1971 animated film, Shinbone Alley

12) Fritz the Cat (the 1972 animated film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi)

13) Morris the Cat in a 1978 9-Lives cat food commercial

14) "Stray Cat Strut" (the 1982 hit song from the Stray Cats' debut album)

15) Cats (the 1982-2000 Tony Award-winning Broadway musical)

16) Shubert (2002-2010)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine loosing either of my two doggies.

How's Mr Grant doing?

Diabetic Geek said...

Seriously? The Cat From Outer Space has to be on the list..

It has Sandy Duncan in it...LOL

Lance said...

My sympathies to you & your family Marc. Schubert looks like he was quite the cool cat. I hope Mr. Grant doesn't have separation issues.

I remember (almost) a year ago when Samson, the black lab at work, was hit by a car in the road. Delilah (the welsh corgi) wandered around with great caution wondering what Sam had done to make us get rid of him! Separation anxiety is not just a human condition.

I wish you all PEACE.

XXOO, Lance

P.S. I had ALMOST forgot about Morris. What a seriously cool cat!

Anonymous said...

Number 16 was the cutest. Please accept my condolences and warm concerns for you both for your loss.

Mike R

Deep Dish said...

Sean, Lance and Mike - thank you so much for your kind condolences. So far Mr. Grant appears to be doing well - we're giving him lots of love and attention.

As for "The Cat From Outer Space", DG, I do remember the Disney film - but "That Darn Cat!" was my personal favorite.