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Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrity Birthday Dinner Party #1: Who are you inviting?

Occasionally on Deep Dish's Facebook Page I've asked readers the following question: What three of these past/present celebrities (whose birthdays are this week) would you invite to your dinner party? And people always seem to enjoy choosing their favorites, so I've decided to make this a new weekly feature here on the Dish. You can vote for your three celebrities below - and please feel free to leave a comment to explain your selections.

Last week Kristin Chenoweth was the #1 invited guest, followed by The Golden Girls' Estelle Getty. Natalie Wood and Rufus Wainwright tied for third place.

Sandra Bullock
The Academy Award-winning actress (in the above pic) turns 46 today (July 26).

Delta Burke
Designing Women's Suzanne Sugarbaker turns 54 on July 30.

Geraldine Chaplin
The Nashville actress turns 66 on July 31.

Georgia Engel
The Mary Tyler Moore Show's Georgette turns 62 on July 28.

Susan Flannery
The Bold and the Beautiful actress turns 67 on July 31.

Mick Jagger
This Rolling Stone turns 67 today (July 26).

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
The former First Lady would have been 81 on July 28.

Lisa Kudrow
The Friends actress turns 47 on July 30.

Norman Lear
The All in the Family and Maude producer turns 88 on July 27.

Maureen McGovern
"The Morning After" singer turns 61 on July 27.

Helen Mirren
The Academy Award-winning actress turns 65 today (July 26).

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
The Tudors actor turns 33 on July 27.

Kevin Spacey
The Academy Award-winning actor turns 51 today (July 26).

Sally Struthers
All in the Family's Gloria turns 62 on July 28.

Hilary Swank
The Academy Award-winning actress turns 36 on July 30.

Vivian Vance
I Love Lucy's Ethel was born on July 26, 1909.

Diana Vreeland
The Harper's Bazaar and Vogue editor was born on July 29, 1906.


Lance said...

How fun. (If I spent any amount of time on facebook, I'd already know about this.)

I voted for:

Jackie O -- just because she's Jackie & I'd love to pick her brain.

Helen Mirren -- because she's played HM Elizabeth II.

Vivian Vance -- because I'd like to know what it was like to know and work with Lucy.

Deep Dish said...

Thanks for sharing the reasons for your selections, Lance!