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Friday, July 2, 2010

Deeper Dish with Steve Callahan and Matthew Montgomery

Don't they make a cute couple? I've featured both of these talented actors here on the Dish before, admiring Steve as the hunky beefcake on the web soap opera, WeHo, and praising Matt's excellent performance in the film, Pornography: A Thriller. I didn't know that they were real-life partners until recently when I read about them starring together in the new independent drama, Role/Play, written and directed by Rob Williams. So I thought it would be fun to do a joint interview with Steve and Matt, and judging from their answers to my questions, they would make a great comedy team reminiscent of Abbott & Costello - a gay and much sexier Abbott & Costello, of course.

Both actors have appeared in previous films by Mr. Williams - Steve in Make the Yuletide Gay and Matt in Long-Term Relationship and Back Soon. Other movie credits for Steve include East Side Story, Nine Lives and Pornography: A Thriller, while Matt has starred in Gone, But Not Forgotten, Socket and Redwoods. They also continue to act together onstage as part of the international tour of Terrence McNally's play, Corpus Christi, and Matt, who has his own production company, Proteus Pictures, is currently developing his first feature film, Sticke Figures, which he has written. Steve and Matt are obviously two very busy guys, so I'm thrilled that they were able to take some time to be here on the Dish to discuss their careers and their relationship as well as answer a few pop culture questions.

Let's begin with your relationship. How long have you been together?

Matt: 822 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes and 58 seconds OR 2 years, 3 months, 22 hours, 12 minutes, 58 seconds - but who's counting?

How did you meet?

Matt: We met doing pornography. Literally. We were shooting a film called Pornography: A Thriller.

Steve: We had only one scene together, with no dialogue.

Matt: He cruises me in the men's room, I diss him, he leaves.

Steve: I had recently seen Matt in the movie Long-Term Relationship and thought he was a great actor (and obviously easy on the eyes), so I was excited to meet him on set. I found him as funny and nice as he was talented and sexy, so I took a chance and asked him out. Our first date was in March of 2008.

What's your new film, Role/Play, about?

Matt: I'll let Steve take this one. I’m terrible at describing films. We'd be here for hours. I’m not kidding.

Steve: I play Graham Windsor, a closeted gay soap opera star who was recently outed because of a sex tape. Matt plays Trey Reed, a gay rights activist who had been the political face of gay marriage and is now going through one of California's first legal divorces. We meet at an inn in Palm Springs where we have both gone to get away from the media. It's a really interesting examination of the fickle nature of fame and celebrity as well as being a great love story.

How is it working together as a couple?

Steve: Working with Matt was really easy. I honestly think he is the best actor working today, so I always knew that I was working with an actor that would give me lots to play off of. And I think our off-set chemistry fed into our characters' scenes.

Matt: I love working with Steve - especially when it involves me getting naked with him.

Do you have similar or different ways of preparing for an acting role?

Matt: I tend to memorize my lines, and Steve tends to write them on his hand for an easy look. I like to do a lot of character research, and Steve prefers to pose in front of the mirror until he finds the sexiest look for the scene. I do a ton of personalization before going into a scene and finding how it reflects something about who I am and the journey that I'm on, and Steve usually just gets wasted. But overall, it's a really nice balance.

What is the most memorable and/or funniest moment you have had while acting – either onstage or in a film?

Steve: I have been playing Judas Iscariot in Terrence McNally's play, Corpus Christi, which ends with the crucifixion of Jesus. One night we had an audience member come up on stage during that scene and kiss the feet of the actor playing Jesus as he was dying on the cross. I thought the man was getting up to walk out and then realized that he was crying and so full of emotion that he had to come up on stage and "pay his respects". It was one of the most powerful acting moments I've ever been a part of.

Matt: The funniest moment I've ever had was when I was doing this film with Al Pacino and we were being chased by this band of thugs a few yards behind us. We were so into the scene that I accidentally tripped Al, which caused him to go tumbling into a nearby pool of rancid water taking me down with him, and it took us hours to get it together and dry off. We couldn’t stop laughing and dunking each other! Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream. Then I cried myself back to sleep.

According to your Facebook page, Matt, you like funny underwear – what's your favorite pair?

Matt: It's kind of a toss-up. I have a great pair of HOT COOKIE underwear. You can see a picture of them at I also love my underwear with cartoon robots on them. Anything with robots is a sure-fire sell for me. I wish I was robot so I could take over the world and make everyone worship me (in my world, robots have magic powers, too).

Steve: My favorite pair of Matthew's underwear is a pair of Andrew Christian that say Italia across the back. His ass looks amazing in them.

If you could go back and give your 19-year-old self a wise piece of advice, what would it be?

Steve: There are many mornings when I wake up so grateful for the life I have with Matt, and I say to him, "When I was younger, I never would have believed this was possible." And it's true - at 19 I was just beginning to come out and couldn't fathom a future in which I was completely out, accepted by friends and family, and madly in love with the man of my dreams. So I'd tell 19-year-old Steve to chill out and be patient, everything works out.


In high school I was:

Steve: Voted Most Talented.

Matt: Horny.

My favorite comfort food is:

Steve: Pizza.

Matt: Asparagus - the thick kind, not the thin kind - with a dash of garlic and pepper. I also like semen.

The last good book I read was:

Steve: Forgiving Troy by Thom Bierdz.

Matt: I'm still learning. I've got The Stand by Stephen King on the shelf - but there are no pictures.

When I was growing up, I never missed a television episode of:

Steve: Knots Landing, Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road, Emerald Point N.A.S., basically any nighttime soap.

Matt: ALF, Growing Pains, He-Man, Dynasty, The X-Files, Models, Inc., and Jem - my stepsister made me watch it...most of the time.

Today I never miss a television episode of:

Matt: Jem.

Steve: Big Brother, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Project Runway, The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Last Comic Standing and, of course, anything that begins with The Real Housewives of...

The very first record or CD that I purchased with my own money was:

Matt: Madonna's Like a Prayer - but I'm not religious.

Steve: "Da Doo Ron Ron" by Shaun Cassidy - and my family claims that they didn't know I was gay.

If I was stranded on a desert island for a year, I would want to listen to:

Matt: Peaches, 2 Live Crew, Ivy, Hans Zimmer, and also Florence and the Machine. Maybe throw in some Phoenix for good measure.

Steve: The Killers and ABBA.

Three of my favorite movies are:

Steve: St. Elmo's Fire, An Officer and a Gentleman and About Schmidt.

Matt: Oh this is too easy. Sunshine, Contact and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A close fourth is Crossroads with Britney Spears.

If I was asked to choose the Sexiest Man Alive (besides my boyfriend), it would be:

Steve: Gary Ewing, circa 1980's Knots Landing.

Matt: Fry from Futurama.

If I could have anyone in the world - living or dead - be a guest at my dinner party, I would invite the following three people:

Matt: My mom, my friend Deborah and Steve.

Steve: Matt's mom and my parents because we love those three people very much and they haven't met yet. This is assuming that Matt is also throwing this dinner party with me and doesn't count as one of my three. Is that cheating?

What's next for Matthew Montgomery and Steve Callahan?

Matt: I'm probably gonna play some Wii and maybe complain a little. Then after that, I might stare at the wall until I come up with a decent status update for my Facebook page. Once that's all done, I'll eat. After I get burped by Steve, I'll probably start working on Finding Mr. Wright since I have to produce it and stuff. Then I might take a break to stare at myself in the mirror and tell myself how amazing I am until I start sobbing uncontrollably because I fail to believe any of it. Finally, I'll get drunk and probably wake up in a ditch somewhere between here and Vegas. Then tomorrow I'll start the process all over again. Gotta suffer for your art.

Steve: We are both in the play Corpus Christi and will be going to Acapulco with the show in July. We are going to Philadelphia on July 10 because Matthew is getting the Artistic Achievement Award this year at QFest. Then we are excited to start hitting the festival circuit with Role/Play. So we will be doing quite a bit of traveling this summer. Then Matt starts filming Finding Mr. Wright in the fall. Life is good!

Thank you, Steve and Matt, for getting Deeper with us here on the Dish. To learn more about Mr. Callahan and Mr. Montgomery, check out their groovy websites at and Click here for more information on their movie, Role/Play, and you can also become a Facebook fan of the film.


Michael Rivers said...

This looks really good. I always enjoy Matthew as an actor!

Lance said...

What a FUN interview! =)

Deep Dish said...

Thanks, Lance - and I agree with you, Michael, their new film does look good.