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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Groovy Reader of the Month: Michael Lehet

As a way to thank my readers for their support, I feature a new groovy guy or gal each month - and the winner of this prestigious title for June is the fabulous Michael Lehet of Chicago, Illinois. He's an avid blogger, photographer and videographer who writes What's a boy to do? for, in which he recommends fun and interesting things to do in the Windy City. He also contributes a weekly column to called You've Got a Busy Weekend that highlights exciting happenings in the LGBT community.

However, Michael's hilarious sense of humor is most prevalent in his YouTube videos (check out a few of them below) as well as his Facebook status updates. An hour ago he asked his friends, "What's it mean when the lady at Dunkin' Donuts slips you an extra munchkin?", which, of course, has prompted many diverse answers. And I especially enjoyed a recent comment about his "Out in the Park" day at Six Flags: "It reminded me a lot of sex - 60 minutes of foreplay (waiting in line) followed by 60 seconds of sex (the ride) followed by a whole lotta 'Is that it? I want more.' Wash, Rinse, Repeat!" He's a funny guy who makes me laugh, and I'm delighted to feature him here on my blog.

Now I've asked Michael to get Deeper with us here on the Dish by answering a few pop culture questions:

Five movies that I think everyone should be required to watch are:
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Girls Will Be Girls, The Women (the 1939 original), The Human Centipede and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

My five favorite TV shows of all time are:
Wonderfalls, The Muppet Show, Dr. Who (both old and new), Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served?

If I was stranded on a desert island for a year, I would want to listen to:
Michael Jackson, Shrek: The Musical, Carole King, Lady Gaga (of course) and Sarah Brightman.

If I was asked to choose the Sexiest Man Alive, it would be:
Sean Connery when he was in his 40's.

If I could have anyone - living or dead - be a guest at my dinner party, I would invite the following three people:
Harvey Milk, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Clemens.

Thank you, Michael, for being one of my grooviest readers!


Michael said...

Thank you SO MUCH Marc, you really are the best....but are you sure it's a good thing to submit your readers to my craziness?

Deep Dish said...

A little more craziness in one's life keeps things interesting. Thanks for being my Groovy Reader of the Month, Michael!

Marc said...

Michael is the best! I'm glad to count him as a friend.