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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Web Series of the Week: The Cavanaughs

I apologize for not blogging about any web series last week, but with a three-day trip to visit family followed by house guests and a block party, my time was quite limited. However, life is back to normal this week, so I'm able to feature a promising new web soap called The Cavanaughs. Created by Adrian Morales, this continuing story follows a group of friends in Los Angeles who are all involved in a TV sitcom called The Cavanaughs. It's an intriguing show-within-a-show concept, but the first six episodes have mainly been about introducing the characters and their relationships:

Bryan (Morales), the gay sitcom writer who may be ready to move on with his life after the death of his lover two years ago.

Maddie (Cwennen Corral), Bryan's co-producing partner (and the sister of his lover) who is reunited with an old flame, Justin (Kevin Makely).

Charley (Deborah Estelle Philips), Maddie's lesbian best friend whose sexual preference comes to light on her wedding day to a man.

Mark (Grant Landry) and Sarah (Amanda Broadwell), two attractive actors who have a love-hate relationship (that's them in the photo).

Scott (Daniel Rhyder), Sarah's gay best friend and a cabaret singer who is interested in becoming better acquainted with Bryan.

And last but certainly not least, Noreen Cavanaugh (Ginger Snappz), a fabulous drag queen who watches over her friends. She also enjoys playing a unique version of strip poker with her pal, Beverly Fairfax (which can be seen in the first episode below).

With high production values, a talented cast and some interesting storylines, The Cavanaughs is definitely worth checking out. But with the next six episodes currently being filmed, I do have a brief wish list for the series:

1) Let Mr. Landry remove his shirt occasionally. With someone as gorgeous as this young hunk, it's a shame to keep him covered up all the time.

2) Introduce a character who isn't so nice. All daytime serials have a bad girl or boy who likes to stir up some drama.

3) Give the delightful Noreen a juicy storyline of her own. Ms. Snappz, who exudes star quality in her every scene, deserves to do something more than offer wise advice - perhaps a love interest or a deep dark secret for our favorite drag queen?

So I'm looking forward to Episodes 7 through 12 of The Cavanaughs, which I highly recommend to any soap opera fan. Below are the first two episodes - and to watch further installments, go to You can also become a Facebook fan of the series.


Teraisa said...

Excellent and entertaining review AND God bless Ginger Snappz!

Deep Dish said...

Thanks, Teraisa! And God bless Ginger Snappz indeed!