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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Jenny Gardner and Greg Nelson

Every Tuesday I post five trivia questions relating to television, film or theater, and the first person who sends me the correct answers wins the highly coveted Auntie Mame Award.

Please send your answers for this week's questions to or via a private Facebook message at (DO NOT post your answers on here where everyone can see them or they will be deleted).

I decided to extend last month's theme of past and present daytime soap operas for two more weeks, so today's trivia is all about All My Children, which has aired on ABC since January 5, 1970:

1) What was the first name of Jenny Gardner's mother? And what was the name of her beauty salon and spa?

2) Who shot and killed Stuart Chandler?

3) Who was the father of Erica Kane's daughter Bianca?

4) Who imprisoned Natalie Marlowe in a well and married her fiancé, Trevor Dillon?

5) Whom did Adam Chandler leave Pine Valley with in April 2010?

Last week Matthew Smith answered the following questions correctly about the soap, Santa Barbara:

1) What was the first name of the Lockridge family matriarch? Minx

2) What popular soap actress played Jodie DeWitt Walker from 1992 to 1993? Kim Zimmer

3) Who killed Eden's brother, Channing Capwell? Their mother Sophia

4) What was the first name of Eden's sister? And what Golden Globe-nominated actress originally played her? Kelly, Robin Wright

5) What giant neon letter from a hotel sign fell on and killed Mary Duvall McCormick in 1986? C

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