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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Groove Tube #63: Remembering J.R. Ewing 1939 - 2013

Welcome to The Groove Tube, a weekly recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the scripted TV shows I'm watching (in order of preference):

TV Series of the Week: Once Upon a Time
"Welcome to Storybrooke" (Episode 39/March 17, 2013)

Best Flashback of the Week: I loved the 1983 flashback to when Storybrooke was first created. Regina's increasing boredom with the repetitive lives of the townspeople was reminiscent of the 1993 Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day.

Best New Characters of the Week: Widower Kurt Flynn and his young son Owen, who discovered Storybrooke while on a camping trip in 1983.

Best Return of the Week: The handsome Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham.

Best Cliffhanger of the Week Runner-Up: It was revealed that the mysterious Greg Mendell is really Owen, who is searching for his father.

Grade: A+ (an excellent episode)

2) Dallas
"J.R.'s Masterpiece" (Episode 18/March 11, 2013)

Best Opening Credits of the Week: I liked the slow version of the show's theme song and that J.R. was featured.

Best Memorial Service of the Week: It was fun to see Ray, Lucy, Cally (J.R.'s second wife) and Mandy (J.R.'s mistress) again - and, of course, good ol' Cliff Barnes had to disrupt everything by paying his "disrespects".

Best Sex of the Week: John Ross and Emma got physical in the back of a truck.

Saddest Scene of the Week: Sue Ellen reading J.R.'s letter to her, in which he called her the love of his life.

Grade: A (so who killed J.R.? When it was mentioned that he met a lady the night that he died, I immediately thought of Bobby's ex-wife Pam, who may have wanted revenge on her former brother-in-law - and, of course, I would love to see Victoria Principal return to the series. But, unfortunately, it doesn't appear that my wish will ever come true since the actress - who now runs a multimillion-dollar skin care line - recently released a statement explaining why she would never reprise her most famous role [click here to read it]. As for the episode, it was a nice tribute to Larry Hagman and J.R., who will be greatly missed).

3) The Walking Dead
"Prey" (Episode 33/March 17, 2013)

Asshole of the Week Runner-Up: Allen, who got into a fight with Tyreese.

Best Scene: A whistling, shovel-carrying Governor's search for Andrea in the abandoned building - very tense!

Best Cliffhanger of the Week: Poor Andrea, who was captured by The Governor just as she reached the prison, is now bound and gagged in his private workshop.

Grade: A

4) Revenge
"Illumination" (Episode 38/March 17, 2013)

Best New Character of the Week: 27-year-old Collins Pennie as Eli James, Emily's foster brother who realized her true identity from the tattoo on her wrist.

Best Line: "Lookin' pretty good for a dead girl" - Eli to Emily

Grade: B+

5) Glee
"Feud" (Episode 82/March 14, 2013)

Best Gigolo of the Week: Brody, who has been turning tricks in order to pay for his tuition. It's better than dealing drugs, isn't it?

Best Storyline Resolution of the Week: So Rachel's pregnancy scare was just a false alarm. I'm glad she isn't with child because that would've lead to either "who's the daddy" drama or an abortion - and both are too much soap opera for a young aspiring Broadway star to handle. But this brief and emotional storyline did bring her and Santana closer together.

Best Feud of the Week: Sue and Blaine's due to her attempt to force him to rejoin the Cheerios.

Worst Feud of the Week: Will still can't forgive Finn for kissing Emma (it was just one meaningless kiss for Pete's sake).

Best Slap of the Week: Becky slapped Blaine's behind.

Most Interesting Plot Twist of the Week: Blaine is secretly working with Sam to bring down Sue by becoming co-captain of the Cheerios.

Worst Couple of the Week: Ryder and his online girlfriend Katie (something is definitely not right there).

Best Costumes of the Week: Sue and Becky as Nicki Minaj.

Best Confrontation of the Week: Finn and Brody (I still like Brody, but I don't think he or Finn is the right guy for Rachel).

Best Musical Number: I liked Brody and Rachel's "duet" of Marina and the Diamonds' "How to Be a Heartbreaker".

Best Musical Number Runner-Up: Ryder and Unique's mash-up of Elton John's "The Bitch Is Back" with Madonna's "Dress You Up".

Best Musical Number Honorable Mention: I'm not a fan of either Mariah Carey or Nicki Minaj, but I enjoyed Blaine and Sue's amusing sing-off of Carey's "I Still Believe" and Minaj's "Super Bass".

Least Favorite Musical Number: Will and Finn's mash-up of *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" with Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" (I'm just not a boy band fan).

Grade: B

6) Smash
"The Fringe" (Episode 21/March 12, 2013)

Asshole of the Week: Jimmy for accusing Karen of thinking her career is more important than her friends. I only like this cute jerk when he's singing.

Most Boring Storyline of the Week: The Liaisons production starring Ivy and Terry (guest star Sean Hayes).

Best She Loves Me Reference of the Week: Apparently Jerry produced the wonderful 1993 Broadway revival of this musical (which I saw twice).

Most Unexpected Return of the Week: Cynthia Moran (played by Phylicia Rashad's daughter Condola Rashad), the ex-girlfriend of gay psychopath Ellis (she revealed to Karen that he secretly worked for Jerry).

"Suspend Your Disbelief" Storyline of the Week: So Jerry didn't know about Karen's involvement with Hit List until he read about it in Time Out New York. Wouldn't her agent know this and discuss it with her producer? Does Karen even have an agent? And wouldn't her appearance in a small Fringe Festival show be good publicity for her upcoming Broadway debut in Bombshell? None of this made any sense.

Best Musical Number: Jimmy and the Hit List company's cover of the 1968 tune, "This Will Be Our Year", by the Zombies.

Best Musical Number Runner-Up: Jimmy and Karen's duet of "Heart Shaped Wreckage" from Hit List.

Best Line: I’ve never been so embarrassed by my work before, and I was in Urban Cowboy" - Ivy's Liaisons co-star (played by the delightful Veanne Cox)

Worst Move of the Week: NBC announced that the series would be banished to TV's Siberia (i.e. Saturday nights) beginning April 6 due to its dismal ratings (less than 3 million viewers). I'm disappointed but not surprised by this move, which is pretty much a death sentence for the show.

Grade: C+ (while watching this episode, I found myself thinking, "Bring back Ellis!", which is definitely not a good sign - but I must admit that I'm disliking Jimmy more than Eileen's thoroughly despised former assistant)

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