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Friday, April 26, 2013

Soap Dish: The Top 140 Memorable Moments of All My Children, Part 5

Since the beloved daytime dramas, All My Children and One Life to Live, are both returning on Monday with brand new episodes (click here to learn more), I thought it was about time to finish my tribute to AMC. Click here to revisit the first 98 memorable moments, and below you can check out the next 22 in chronological order. And tomorrow I will post the final 20 moments:

99) Bianca Montgomery Comes Out of the Closet (December 2000)
Sixteen-year-old Bianca (now played by Eden Riegel) returned to Pine Valley to live with her mother in the summer of 2000, and later that year on Christmas Eve, she revealed to Erica that she was a lesbian (she had her first female affair while in anorexia rehab). This was the first time that a well-known, long-running soap character was revealed as gay.

100) The Death of Gillian Andrassy Lavery (June 25, 2001)
After divorcing Jake Martin and remarrying her first husband, Ryan Lavery, on April 9, 2001, poor Gillian was mistakenly shot and left brain-dead by an assassin (who thought she was someone else). Her devastated husband finally had her removed from life support so that her heart could be donated to Brooke English's adopted daughter, Laura. However, Gillian's spirit stuck around Pine Valley for a few months when she refused to believe that she was really dead. A few dearly departed town residents - including Jesse Hubbard and Natalie Dillon - helped her to accept her death and guide her to Heaven.

101) Maria Santos Grey Returns from the Dead (June 2002)
Maria was presumed to have died when the plane she was on crashed into the sea in August 1997, but almost five years later it was revealed that she was still alive. After the plane crash, Dr. David Hayward had saved her life by injecting her with an experimental drug that wiped her memory clean. Now the amnesiac woman wanted some answers, and after she finally got her memory back, Maria remarried her husband Edmund in June 2003. Sadly, their happiness didn't last as Edmund was murdered in 2005 (when actor John Callahan was fired after 13 years on AMC). Maria then moved to California.

102) Battle of the Brides (June 19, 2002)
Kendall Hart and Greenlee Smythe were both engaged to be married (to Ryan Lavery and Leo du Pres, respectively), and when Kendall tried on the same wedding dress that Greenlee was modeling at a bridal fair, the two women got into a fight.

103) Greenlee Smythe and Leo du Pres' Wedding Day (July 15, 2002)
After Leo (David Hayward's half-brother) ended his loveless marriage to Laura English and Greenlee realized that she loved Leo and not Jake Martin, the couple became husband and wife.

104) The Death of Leo du Pres (October 17, 2002)
Leo's mother, Vanessa Bennett - also known as Proteus, the head of an international drug cartel - kidnapped his wife Greenlee in order to get her hands on a fortune in diamonds. Mother and son then struggled over a gun on the observation deck at Miller's Falls, which ended with them falling into the falls. Neither of their bodies were found, but they were both presumed dead. However, Leo did return in August 2011 when he made a brief appearance in Greenlee's dream.

105) Fan Fantasy Episode (February 12, 2003)
This stand-alone fantasy episode was the result of an ABC contest, which gave fans a chance to see their AMC fantasies realized on screen. Widower Tad Martin - whose beloved wife Dixie was presumed to have died in a car accident in May 2002 - was now Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor, and every woman - including Myrtle Fargate - wanted to sleep with him one last time before he married Erica Kane!

106) Bianca and Lena's First Kiss (April 23, 2003)
The first same-sex lesbian kiss on daytime television occurred when Bianca Montgomery kissed Lena Kundera in a crowded airport in order to convince her to stay in Pine Valley. She did.

107) Erica Kane's 11th Wedding Day (July 31 & August 1, 2003)
When Erica discovered that Greenlee Smythe was Jackson Montgomery's daughter, she blackmailed Greenlee's mother Mary - who wanted Jack back - into keeping silent. But on Erica and Jack's wedding day, Greenlee learned the truth and interrupted the ceremony to announce the shocking news. Hurt that Erica had kept the truth from him, Jack called their wedding off - but they reconciled a few years later.

108) Who Killed Michael Cambias? (August 2003)
Corporate shark Michael Cambias arrived in Pine Valley to try to take over several businesses, including Erica Kane's Enchantment and her daughter Kendall's Fusion Cosmetics. He also tried to rape both Erica and Kendall - and he later succeeded in raping Erica's other daughter, Bianca, who became pregnant with his child. The evil man was eventually found dead in a freezer in an abandoned warehouse, and it was later revealed that Bianca had shot and killed him in self-defense.

109) The Sexiest Man in America (October 10, 2003)
AMC launched a nationwide search for “The Sexiest Man in America” in 2003 as Kendall Hart and Greenlee Smythe looked for a sexy spokesperson for their new cosmetics company, Fusion. Fans cast more than 2.5 million online and text messaging votes to select their favorite guy from 25 finalists, and on October 10, it was announced on the show that 24-year-old Timothy Heinrich (see pic) was the winner.

110) The Baby Switch (March 2004)
Bianca Montgomery and her best friend, Babe Chandler, gave birth at the same time in a secluded cabin during a storm. Babe delivered Bianca's daughter, while Babe's ex-husband Paul Cramer (the nephew of One Life to Live's Dorian Lord - and a rescue helicopter pilot) delivered Babe's son and gave him to his half-sister Kelly in Llanview (who had recently lost her own baby). He then faked the death of Bianca's baby, telling her the child died in a helicopter crash (which he staged), and gave her daughter to a groggy Babe, whom he had drugged. AMC fans were not happy with this storyline and thought that poor Bianca deserved to get her baby back.

111) Greenlee Smythe and Ryan Lavery's Wedding Day (May 2004)
Friends Greenlee and Ryan decided to enter into a platonic marriage of convenience for business reasons, but his ex-fiancée Kendall Hart desperately tried to win him back by showing up in a wedding dress at the resort where he and Greenlee planned to get married. She informed him that Greenlee had stepped back to allow her to marry Ryan instead. But then Greenlee arrived to reveal that Kendall had locked her in her hotel room to sabotage the wedding. The two women were soon duking it out in a pool, and Ryan had to jump in to break up their fight. He then proceeded to marry Greenlee, and they eventually fell in love.

112) Bianca Montgomery Learns The Shocking Truth (December 7, 2004)
AMC fans finally got what they wanted when Babe - who had discovered the truth and kept it a secret - revealed the baby switch to a stunned Bianca. Babe's husband, JR Chandler (Adam and Dixie's son), then showed up and, during an argument with Bianca over "his" daughter Bess, Bianca fell from a second-floor balcony and wound up in a coma. But she woke up when her mother Erica put her baby in her arms on December 27. Bess was renamed "Miranda Montgomery", and the reunited mother and daughter moved to Paris in February 2005.

113) The Death of Phoebe Tyler Wallingford (May 13, 2005)
On January 5, 2005, actress Ruth Warrick made her final appearance as Phoebe on AMC's 35th anniversary episode. She died from pneumonia on January 15 at age 88, and Phoebe died from natural causes in May.

114) Erica Kane's 11th Wedding Day ... Again (May 24, 2005)
Eighteen years after their first meeting, Erica finally married Jackson Montgomery in Boca Raton.

115) Greenlee Smythe Lavery Learns The Shocking Truth (November 2005)
Greenlee was shocked to learn the truth about the baby that her "frenemy" Kendall Hart was carrying for her as a surrogate. After a power outage made Greenlee's eggs no longer viable, Kendall had decided to have herself implanted with her own eggs, making Kendall the unborn child's biological mother (Greenlee's husband and Kendall's ex-lover, Ryan Lavery, was the father). A devastated Greenlee then confronted Kendall on Thanksgiving and told everyone about the baby's true parentage before leaving Pine Valley.

116) Erica Kane's Mardi Gras Ball (February 2006)
Crazy Janet Dillon blew up Erica's Mardi Gras ball because she wanted to teach the people that had hurt her daughter, Amanda, a lesson. It was also later revealed that Janet had killed her husband Trevor and placed him in a freezer.

117) Erica Kane Learns The Shocking Truth (February 2006)
AMC head writer Megan McTavish rewrote history when Erica learned that she did not have an abortion in 1973. Her embryo had been secretly stolen by Dr. Greg Madden, who then transplanted it into his own wife. And Erica and Jeff Martin's long-lost son turned out to be Josh Madden, the former producer of Erica's talk show, New Beginnings, who had tried to take over the show by drugging her. The young man eventually learned the truth about his birth.

118) JR Chandler Learns The Shocking Truth (November 2006)
After JR discovered that his wife Babe had a one-night stand with Josh Madden, he got drunk and threw himself out a fourth-floor window during a confrontation with Erica and Bianca (who had returned to Pine Valley). Josh - who had gone to medical school - ended up saving JR's life.

119) Zarf Comes Out as Zoe (New Year's Eve 2006)
Glam rock star Zarf surprised Bianca Montgomery on New Year's Eve by showing up for their date dressed as a woman. He then revealed that he was "Zoe", a lesbian trapped in a man's body, and that he loved Bianca. Many AMC fans were not happy about Bianca's romantic attraction to a transitioning transgendered person, and TV Guide's Michael Logan named the storyline one of the Worst of 2007. Bianca and Zarf/Zoe eventually went their separate ways.

120) The "Death" of Dixie Martin (January 30, 2007)
One of the worst decisions in AMC history was to kill off the beloved Dixie Martin, who died after eating a stack of poisoned peanut butter pancakes meant for her daughter-in-law, Babe. She had previously "died" in May 2002 when her car went over a cliff - but her body was never found - and she finally returned to Pine Valley and her husband Tad in 2006. However, this time was different as fans saw her spirit leave town.

To be continued . . .

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