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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Groove Tube #69: Mike Vogel checks out of A&E's Bates Motel

Welcome to The Groove Tube, a weekly recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the scripted TV shows I'm watching (in order of preference):

TV Series of the Week: Bates Motel
"The Truth" (Episode 6/April 22, 2013)

Best Shootout of the Week: Zack and Dylan's violent confrontation in the house.

Most Surprising Death of the Week: Deputy Zack Shelby was fatally shot by Dylan (I'm disappointed that the handsome Mike Vogel will no longer be on the show - but he will be starring in the Stephen King summer miniseries, Under the Dome, which premieres June 24 on CBS).

Best Display of Affection of the Week: Norma hugged her son Dylan after he killed Zack.

Best Revelation of the Week: Norma revealed to a surprised Dylan that she made it look like Norman's father died in a freak garage accident after Norman killed him with a blender when he was beating her up. But Norman doesn't remember any of this, and she now wants Dylan to help her protect his brother from the truth.

Grade: A+ (a tense episode that had me on the edge of my seat)

2) Glee
"Lights Out" (Episode 86/April 25, 2013)

Best Name of the Week: The Hoosierdaddies, a rival glee club.

Grooviest Guest Star of the Week: Sarah Jessica Parker returned as Isabelle Wright, Kurt's boss at

Best Musical Number: Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Isabelle performed "At the Ballet" from the musical, A Chorus Line.

Best Promo of the Week and Best Musical Number Runner-Up: Sue Sylvester's amusing performance of "Little Girls" from the musical, Annie (actress Jane Lynch will be making her Broadway debut in the role of Miss Hannigan in the current revival for eight weeks beginning May 16).

Best Musical Number Honorable Mention: Ryder's performance of R.E.M.'s song, "Everybody Hurts".

Grade: A (some good musical numbers - and the dramatic storyline of Ryder and Kitty's revelations that they were both molested when they were younger was presented in a non-heavy-handed manner)

3) Mad Men
"The Flood" (Episode 70/April 28, 2013)

Best New Character of the Week: Harry Hamlin (L.A. Law) as ad exec Jim Cutler.

Best "Guest Star" of the Week: Actor Paul Newman (played by Ross Marquand) who was a speaker at the advertising award ceremony - but one needed binoculars to see his face.

Saddest Death of the Week: The award ceremony was interrupted by news of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination.

Best Retro Moment of the Week: Don took his son Bobby to see the 1968 film, Planet of the Apes - and they sat through it twice.

Best Retro Song of the Week: Paul Mauriat's 1968 #1 hit, "Love Is Blue", which was played over the closing credits.

Best Line: "He's the head of accounts. He's like Roger with bad breath" - Peggy about Jim Cutler

Grade: A

4) Mr Selfridge
Episode 6/April 28, 2013)

Best Sex of the Week: Victor began an affair with Lady Mae, whose long hair amusingly covered her bare breasts (he's hoping that she will help him open his own restaurant).

Best Non-Couple of the Week: Agnes and Henri Leclair (who obviously like each other).

Best Recovery of the Week: Harry woke up from his coma after his car crash.

Suspend Your Disbelief Scene of the Week: Harry walked by himself to the store right after he woke up from his coma.

Grade: A-

5) Revenge
"Identity" (Episode 41/April 28, 2013)

Hottest Hunk of the Week: A shirtless Daniel.

Worst New Character of the Week: Charlotte's new friend Regina who is a bad influence - and engaged in some "Girl-on-Grayson Action" with her.

Best Interview of the Week: During a Nightline interview, Victoria revealed that it was true that she abandoned her six-month-old son Patrick in 1973 in order to accept an art school scholarship in Paris.

Grade: B

6) Once Upon a Time
"The Evil Queen" (Episode 42/April 28, 2013)

Best Flashbacks of the Week: Snow White saved the "Evil Queen" Regina's head from the chopping block, unaware that Rumpelstiltskin had transformed her into a peasant in order to kill Snow. The two ladies became closer until Snow discovered that Regina had slaughtered an entire village.

Best Line: "Nobody steals from a dwarf!" - Leroy/Grumpy upon discovering that someone stole the magic beans

Best Cliffhanger of the Week: Greg and Tamara captured Regina, who was unable to use her magic powers.

Grade: B

7) Smash
"The Producers" (Episode 28/April 27, 2013)

Best Cameo Appearance of the Week: Broadway actress Carolee Carmello as Kyle's mother Marie.

Worst Cameo Appearance of the Week: Did we really need to see the Today show's Kathie Lee Gifford dressed as Marilyn Monroe?

Loser of the Week: Jimmy, of course, who went on a bender after he was rejected by Karen in the previous episode. And later - while performing high - he failed to catch Karen during a musical number, which resulted in her injuring her arm. Then he revealed Kyle's fling with Tom to Kyle's boyfriend.

Cutest Fan of the Week: Actor Jason Ralph played a fan of Kyle's who stopped him on the street.

Worst Break-Up of the Week: During a tense Q&A event with Julia, Tom announced that their partnership is over.

Best Firing of the Week: Derek fired Jimmy from Hit List.

Best Musical Number: "The Goodbye Song" sung by Karen and the Hit List cast.

Worst Cliffhanger of the Week: While singing "Last Goodbye" after dropping Jimmy's stuff at his brother's, it appears that Kyle was hit by a car.

Grade: C+ (oh, Smash, do you really want to go there? To that incredibly dark place where you kill off a character who reminds us of the late Jonathan Larson, the creator of the musical, Rent? Please don't go there. That's jump-the-shark territory - and in very bad taste - and I like Kyle, dammit!)

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