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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remembering Deanna Durbin 1921 - 2013

Actress/singer Deanna Durbin, who died Sunday at age 91, made her first film appearance in the 1936 short subject, Every Sunday, with another young contract player named Judy Garland. In 1939, she and Mickey Rooney both received the Academy Award's special Academy Juvenile Award - and by the 1940s, Durbin was Universal Pictures' top star, earning $400,000 per film. But in 1949, she retired from acting and singing and married film producer/director Charles David (in 1950). The couple moved to a farmhouse in the outskirts of Paris, and they were together for over 48 years (until his death in 1999).

Below you can watch Durbin perform "I Love to Whistle" in the 1938 film, Mad About Music, appear with co-star Gene Kelly in Christmas Holiday (1944), perform some Jerome Kern tunes in her only Technicolor film, Can't Help Singing (1944), sing "Silent Night" in Lady on a Train (1945), and appear with co-star Donald O'Connor in Something in the Wind (1947).


joel65913 said...

A great talent and from the sound of it a great lady. Lived her life on her own terms and my guess would be that she left it in the same way. Her son's announcement that she had passed a few days ago probably means her services are over and therefore remained private as she would have surely wished.
She was always a lovely warm presence and even though she was not a fan of most of her pictures and some are corny today "It Started with Eve" is wonderful and both "Christmas Holiday" and "Lady on a Train" are undiscovered gems.
Sorry to hear her voice has been stilled but a good, long, happy life lived on one's own terms is nothing to be sad about.

Marc said...

I agree, Joel, she lived a good, long, happy life on her own terms. May we all be so lucky.