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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Groove Tube #74: Best & Worst of the Season

Welcome to a special Groove Tube, in which I select the Best and the Worst of the 2012-13 television season (from the shows that I watched).

Hottest Hunk of the Season: Chris Carmack as Nashville's Will Lexington
Runners-Up: Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Mr Selfridge's Roddy Temple and Mike Vogel as Bates Motel's Deputy Zack Shelby
Honorable Mentions: Justin Bartha as The New Normal's David Sawyer, Dean Geyer as Glee's Brody Weston and Charles Esten as Nashville's Deacon Clayborne

Best Bitch of the Season: Judith Light as Dallas' Judith Brown Ryland
Runner-Up: Hayden Panettiere as Nashville's Juliette Barnes
Honorable Mentions: Barbara Hershey as Once Upon a Time's Cora and Siobhan Finneran as Downton Abbey's O'Brien

Worst Bitch of the Season: Smash's Jimmy Collins

Best Villain of the Season: David Morrissey as The Walking Dead's Governor
Runner-Up: Mitch Pileggi as Dallas' Harris Ryland
Honorable Mention: James Cromwell as American Horror Story: Asylum's Dr. Arthur Arden

Best Psycho of the Season: Zachary Quinto as American Horror Story: Asylum's Dr. Oliver Thredson

Best Couple of the Season: The New Normal's David and Bryan
Runner-Up: Parks and Recreation's Ben and Leslie
Honorable Mention: Nashville's Gunnar and Scarlett

Worst Couple of the Season: Revenge's Nolan and Padma
Runner-Up: Smash's Jimmy and Karen
Dishonorable Mention: Mad Men's Don and Sylvia

Best Kiss of the Season: Nashville's Will and Gunnar
Runner-Up: Downton Abbey's Thomas and Jimmy
Honorable Mention: Mr Selfridge's Rose and Roddy Temple

Best Sex of the Season: Mad Men's Don and Betty
Runner-Up: Bates Motel's Norma and Deputy Zack Shelby
Honorable Mention: Mr Selfridge's Agnes and Henri Leclair

Grooviest Guest Star of the Season: Shirley MacLaine as Downtown Abbey's Martha Levinson
Runner-Up: Matt Bomer as The New Normal's Monte
Honorable Mentions: Jackie Hoffman as The New Normal's Frances and Barbara Hershey as Once Upon a Time's Cora

Best Actress of the Season: Vera Farmiga as Bates Motel's Norma Bates
Runner-Up: Lily Rabe as American Horror Story: Asylum's Sister Mary Eunice
Honorable Mention: Sarah Paulson as American Horror Story: Asylum's Lana Winters

Best Supporting Actress of the Season: Bebe Wood as The New Normal's Shania Clemmons (her impersonations of Grey Gardens' Little Edie, Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith and Cher were a hoot).

Best Musical Performance of the Season: Sister Jude's fun rendition of the 1964 tune, "The Name Game", on American Horror Story: Asylum.
Runner-Up: Glee's groovy, gay mash-up of Scissor Sisters' "Let's Have a Kiki" and "Turkey Lurkey Time" (from the 1968 musical, Promises, Promises).
Honorable Mention: Ivy and Karen's fabulous duet of "That's Life" on Smash.

Best Line of the Season: "If you weren't my son and gay, I'd eat you with hot sauce" - Frances to her son David on The New Normal
Runner-Up: "Get back in the knife box, Miss Sharp" - Downton Abbey's O'Brien to Anna
Honorable Mention: "You can kiss my decision as it walks out the door" - Nashville's Rayna to the new head of her record label

Best Wedding of the Season: The New Normal's David and Bryan
Runner-Up: 30 Rock's Liz Lemon and Criss Chross
Honorable Mention: Revenge's Jack and Amanda

Worst Wedding of the Season: Downton Abbey's Edith and Sir Anthony (he dumped her at the altar).

Saddest Death of the Season: Lori's death during a caesarian section on The Walking Dead (and then her son Carl had to shoot her corpse).
Runner-Up: Downton Abbey's Sybil died from eclampsia after giving birth to her daughter.
Honorable Mention: Dallas' J.R., who was dying from cancer, had his best friend Bum shoot him.

Worst Death and Plot Twist of the Season: I hated that Smash killed off Kyle (and it reminded me too much of the death of Rent composer Jonathan Larson).

Worst Storyline of the Season: The Initiative on Revenge.
Runner-Up: The Liaisons production featuring guest star Sean Hayes on Smash.
Dishonorable Mention: Bates' endless prison stay on Downton Abbey.

Most Disappointing Plot Resolution of the Season: It was finally revealed on Dallas that Pam Ewing died in 1989 from pancreatic cancer and that her brother Cliff kept her death a secret.

Best Surprise of the Season: The nice Dr. Thredson revealed himself to be Bloody Face on American Horror Story: Asylum.

Best Season Finale Cliffhanger: Emily finally confessed to Jack that she is Amanda Clarke on Revenge - and Victoria's long-lost son Patrick showed up on her doorstep.

Worst TV of the Season: Liz & Dick
Runner-Up: 666 Park Avenue
Dishonorable Mention: A tie between Partners and 1600 Penn

Best Comedy of the Season: Parks and Recreation
Runner-Up: Modern Family
Honorable Mention: The New Normal

Best Drama of the Season: Nashville
Runner-Up: American Horror Story: Asylum
Honorable Mention: A tie between Bates Motel and Mr Selfridge


Adrian Rennie said...

That was a fun read!!

Marc said...

Thanks, Adrian!

MrVaritek said...

Interesting review of the 12/13 TV season.

One question is Mike Vogal from Bates Motel the same Mike Vogal in this summers Under the Dome series on CBS? If so, he's HOT!

I will say I gave up on AMS: Asylum early on since it was way too different form the original American Horror Story. Though I've been convinced to check it out either through DVDs or Netflix!

jeff meshel said...


love all your choices for Best Musical Performance, but would be remiss in not mentioning "Hey-Ho" performed the Stella Sisters playing Rayna's daughters Maddie and Daphne on Nashville

Hayden Panietierre's gut wrenching rendition of "Nothing in this world"" during the final moments of Nashville's season ender

Marc said...

Hey, Mr. Varitek, that is the same Mike Vogel on "Under the Dome" - and he is hot! I just posted my review of the show, which I'm enjoying. Also, I recommend that you do watch "AHS: Asylum" from beginning to end - it's one wild and weird ride that's definitely worth taking.

And, Jeff, I enjoyed both those "Nashville" numbers - along with many others - and if I'd done a Top 10 list, I'm sure I would've included some songs from the show. Thanks for your comment!

Tom Stockdale said...

i agree with most of this...the one exception...the new normal was a horrible show...not funny in the slightest and too preachy.

Marc said...

Tom, I would agree that The New Normal did occasionally get too preachy - but I found it to be quite funny most of the time. To each their own - but thanks for your comment.