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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dish of the Day #1197: All-American Boys

Everybody and their brother has blogged about Steve Grand since the openly gay singer-songwriter uploaded his first music video, "All-American Boy", to YouTube on July 2 (where it has been viewed by 1.4 million people). So I thought I would, too, by featuring his song as this week's Dish of the Day theme - and, of course, we must begin with Steve (who previously modeled as "Steve Chatham" and "Finn Diesel").

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dmappin said...

This is a hard one. At first thought I was bothered that the character had to be drinking to let loose of his true inner self, but then I thought about how many of us grew up in a small backwater town (I did) and found (or find) it nearly impossible to be themselves?

I like the video, the song ain't too bad either (speaking as a country boy at heart). I've heard grumbles that his abs are distracting and wonder why it is necessary. Have any of you watched a Tim McGraw video? or any other country western singer/hottie?

I applaud Grand's arrival on the scene!

Marc said...

I applaud him - and his fabulous abs - as well, Doug! And from what I've read and seen, he seems like a very nice young man.