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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Groovy Movie Preview: West Hollywood Motel

Director Matt Riddlehoover has released the trailer of his new film, West Hollywood Motel, a kaleidoscopic gay-themed comedy about sex, love and the meaning of life. Various lives intersect in a West Hollywood motel, including a medical student (Riddlehoover) and his extroverted boyfriend (Andrew Callahan), an adulterous actress (Starina Johnson) and her lover (Heather Horton), and a dutiful husband (Phil Leirness) whose wife (Amy Kelly) wakes to find she has a penis! The movie also stars Jared Allman (Scenes from a Gay Marriage), Cesar D' La Torre (Logo's DTLA), Ben Phen (Interior. Leather Bar.) and newcomer Alec Houston Bell.

West Hollywood Motel will be available on DVD/VOD on November 12.

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