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Friday, July 26, 2013

Show Tune Showdown #44: 1989-96 Broadway Seasons, Round 2

In the 43rd Show Tune Showdown, Gypsy and West Side Story won the most showdowns - and the following songs will be moving on to Round 3:

Gypsy's "Everything's Coming Up Roses", "If Momma Was Married", "You Gotta Get a Gimmick" and "Rose's Turn"

West Side Story's "Something's Coming", "Tonight", "Maria" and "Somewhere"

Camelot's "The Lusty Month of May", "If Ever I Would Leave You" and "I Loved You Once in Silence"

The Sound of Music's "Edelweiss" and "So Long, Farewell"

Bye Bye Birdie's "Kids"

Do Re Mi's "Make Someone Happy"

Wildcat's "Hey, Look Me Over"

PLEASE NOTE: The next Show Tune Showdown will be on Friday, August 9.

Now on to our 44th Show Tune Showdown, which takes us back to the 1989-96 Broadway seasons when the following 11 musicals opened:

Grand Hotel
November 12, 1989 - April 25, 1992 (1,017 performances)

City of Angels
December 11, 1989 - January 19, 1992 (879 performances)

Aspects of Love
April 8, 1990 - March 2, 1991 (377 performances)

Once on This Island
October 18, 1990 - December 1, 1991 (469 performances)

Miss Saigon
April 11, 1991 - January 28, 2001 (4,092 performances)

The Secret Garden
April 25, 1991 - January 3, 1993 (709 performances)

April 29, 1992 - June 27, 1993 (486 performances)

Kiss of the Spider Woman
May 3, 1993 - July 1, 1995 (904 performances)

Beauty and the Beast
April 18, 1994 - July 29, 2007 (5,461 performances)

Sunset Boulevard
November 17, 1994 - March 22, 1997 (977 performances)

April 29, 1996 - September 7, 2008 (5,123 performances)

Now here are the competing show tunes - and if you're wondering how to judge each showdown, just ask yourself, "Which song do I enjoy listening to more?"

Aspects of Love's "Love Changes Everything" (Michael Ball performs the song, which was released as a single)


"Sunset Boulevard" (John Barrowman performs on the 2006 BBC series, The Sound of Musicals)

"Kiss of the Spider Woman" (Chita Rivera performs on the 1993 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade)


Sunset Boulevard's "As If We Never Said Goodbye" (Patti LuPone performs during her 1997 PBS concert, An Evening with Patti LuPone)

Kiss of the Spider Woman's "Where You Are" (Chita Rivera and company perform on the 47th Annual Tony Awards on June 6, 1993)


Sunset Boulevard's "With One Look" (Glenn Close performs at Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th birthday celebration at the Royal Albert Hall on April 7, 1998)

Beauty and the Beast's "Home" (Susan Egan performs on the original Broadway cast recording)


Sunset Boulevard's "New Ways to Dream" (Betty Buckley performs on the 1995 Broadway highlights cast recording, Songs From Sunset Boulevard)

Aspects of Love's "The First Man You Remember" (Michael Ball and Lisa Waddingham perform during the Royal Variety Performance on November 20, 1989)


Sunset Boulevard's "The Perfect Year" (Hugh Jackman and Debra Byrne of the 1996 original Australian production perform)

Aspects of Love's "Hand Me the Wine and the Dice" (Kathleen Rowe McAllen and company perform on the original 1989 London cast recording)


Falsettos' "The Baseball Game" (the original Broadway cast perform on the 46th Annual Tony Awards on May 31, 1992 - song begins at 1:20)

Once on This Island's "Come Down from the Tree" (Audra McDonald sings this cut song in concert)


Falsettos' "Holding to the Ground" (Faith Prince performs on the 1990 Off-Broadway cast recording of Falsettoland)

Falsettos' "What More Can I Say" (Michael Rupert performs in a 1994 Los Angeles production)


RENT's "I'll Cover You" (Wilson Jermaine Heredia and Jesse L. Martin perform on the 2005 film soundtrack)

Grand Hotel's "We'll Take a Glass Together" (Michael Jeter and Brent Barrett perform on the 44th Annual Tony Awards on June 3, 1990)


The Secret Garden's "Lily's Eyes" (Anthony Warlow and Philip Quast perform in concert in 1995)

Kiss of the Spider Woman's "Dear One" (Merle Louise, Kirsti Carnahan, Anthony Crivello and Brent Carver perform on the original Broadway cast recording)


RENT's "Seasons of Love" (from the final Broadway performance, which was filmed and screened in movie theaters)

Kiss of the Spider Woman's "Dressing Them Up" (Brent Carver performs on the original Broadway cast recording)


City of Angels' "You Can Always Count on Me" (Randy Graff performs on the original Broadway cast recording)

Miss Saigon's "Last Night of the World" (Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman perform during the Royal Variety Performance of Miss Saigon on March 4, 1991)


RENT's "Another Day" (Adam Pascal and Rosario Dawson, Jesse L. Martin, Anthony Rapp and Wilson Jermaine Heredia perform on the 2005 film soundtrack)

Miss Saigon's "I Still Believe" (Lea Salonga and Claire Moore perform on the British TV show, Wogan, in 1989)


RENT's "What You Own" (Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal perform on the TODAY show on August 4, 2005)


Anonymous said...

Kiss of the Spider Woman's "Dressing Them Up" is now a broken link.

Also, is there a March Madness type playoff grid happening here or is this blogger whimsy? Either way thanks for doing this its alot of fun for someone Broadway illiterate.

Marc said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for letting me know about the broken link - that video has been replaced with a new one. Also, these showdowns are pure blogger whimsy - but eventually there will only be one show tune left standing!

Marc said...

Or one show tune left "singing" - as the case may be! :)