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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Battle of the Network Stars #3: 1964-65 TV Season

It's been almost 37 years since Battle of the Network Stars debuted on November 13, 1976, pitting television stars from ABC, CBS and NBC against each other in various sporting events. So I thought it would be fun to revive this competition by featuring the stars of a different TV season every week.

ABC won the second Battle, and the following stars will be moving on to Round 2:

Peter Scolari (Bosom Buddies/ABC)
Pamela Bellwood (Dynasty/ABC)
Al Corley (Dynasty/ABC)
Linda Evans (Dynasty/ABC)
John Forsythe (Dynasty/ABC)
John James (Dynasty/ABC)
Pamela Sue Martin (Dynasty/ABC)
Connie Sellecca (The Greatest American Hero/ABC)
Donna Mills (Knots Landing/CBS)
Tom Selleck (Magnum, P.I./CBS)
Eileen Brennan (Private Benjamin/CBS)
Lorenzo Lamas (Secrets of Midland Heights/CBS)
Nancy McKeon (The Facts of Life/NBC)
Mark Harmon (Flamingo Road/NBC)
Barbara Eden (Harper Valley PTA/NBC)
Michael Conrad (Hill Street Blues/NBC)

Now on to our third battle, which takes us back to the 1964-65 TV season when we welcomed the following 32 stars into our homes:


MovieJunkie said...

Bewitched is still one of my all time favorite shows! Now, I know why I was such a huge fan of Flipper when I was younger... Brian Kelly... :-)Oh and Flipper too!

Lance said...

It's REALLY not very fair to pit Bewitshed against Gilligan's Island, Marc. Both of those were totally groovy shows in their own way... (but I have to admit I [mostly] voted for the cast of Bewitched)!

joel65913 said...

Poor Lovey! So far no votes, it was a tough call for me since I adore both actresses but Agnes Moorehead will not be denied!

Marc said...

MovieJunkie, I'm sure many folks watched Flipper because of the handsome Mr. Kelly!

Sorry, Lance, but I had to pit them against each other because they are both groovy shows! Battles are difficult, baby! :)

And, Joel, I agree that Miss Moorehead will not be denied - but someone has voted for Lovey now!

Marc said...

P.S. Thanks for your comments, guys!

MovieJunkie said...

And, who is voting for Bob Denver over Jim Nabors? I can't hear you!

Marc said...

Well, MovieJunkie, I think Gilligan's Island has always been a more popular show than Gomer Pyle, which is probably why Mr. Denver is in the lead.