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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Last Dance" for Top 10 Tuesday of Groovy Tunes

After featuring 541 groovy tunes over the last 2+ years, I've decided that it's time for the "Last Dance". Here are the results of last week's final poll:

1) "The Look of Love"/Dusty Springfield
2) "Knowing Me, Knowing You"/ABBA
3) "California Dreamin'"/The Mamas & the Papas
4) "Walk On By"/Dionne Warwick
5) "Dream a Little Dream of Me"/Mama Cass with the Mamas & the Papas

I want to thank everyone who has voted for their favorite songs each week - and now let's revisit the Top 10 most popular tunes (out of the 541):

1) "Downtown"/Petula Clark - 51 weeks in the Top 10

2) "Time After Time"/Cyndi Lauper - 34 weeks

3) "Last Dance"/Donna Summer - 34 weeks

4) "(They Long to Be) Close to You"/Carpenters - 31 weeks

5) "California Dreamin'"/The Mamas & the Papas - 23 weeks

6) "Crazy"/Patsy Cline - 20 weeks

7) "I Will Survive"/Gloria Gaynor - 17 weeks

8) "Take a Chance on Me"/ABBA - 15 weeks

9) "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"/Cher - 13 weeks

10) "Here Comes the Rain Again"/Eurythmics - 13 weeks


joel65913 said...

I enjoyed them every week so I hate to see them go since I looked forward to seeing what came along and what would win but the new Top 10 sounds like fun.

Thanks for all the work you put into them!

pompanojosh said...

it was fun. sad to see ot go but they say all good things do end. abba and petula and cher make the top 10 YES!

i love your broadway musical song polls...please don't end that.

now film. good man.
music, musicals and film have always been part of my life. thank you thank you!!!

Marc said...

Hey, Joel, thanks for sharing your selections each week - and I hope you will continue to do so with my new Groovy Movies poll. It was just time to do something new.

And, Pompanojosh, my Show Tune Showdowns will continue until only one song is left. Thank YOU for reading DEEP DISH!

Lance said...

Oh how very sad to see this feature end. I am SO much more into music than I am film/movies (I almost never go to the movie theatre). =(

However, time marches on, and so must we. I will TRY to keep up with the movies. Sigh...

At least Miss. Clark, ABBA, Mamas & Papas AND Karen & Richard all made the top 10! Very Groovy! =)

THANK YOU, Marc, for such a groovy blog! You rock! =)

Marc said...

Thanks, Lance. I know how much you enjoyed the Groovy Tunes poll each week, but I hope you will vote for your favorite movies, show tunes and/or TV stars (Battle of the Network Stars). And who knows, perhaps the groovy music will someday return to DEEP DISH.