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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday of Groovy Music #1

Since I missed my music here on the Dish last week, I decided to create a brand new Top 10 Tuesday, featuring 10 groovy albums that have appeared on the Billboard 200 (aka Top LPs) chart during the last 50+ years. You can then vote for your three favorites (in the poll below), and the five with the most votes will move on to the following week when five new albums will be added to the list.

1) Love Me or Leave Me soundtrack/Doris Day (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 17, 1955

2) Judy at Carnegie Hall/Judy Garland (DEBUT) - #1 the week on September 17, 1961

3) A Hard Day's Night soundtrack/The Beatles (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 19, 1964

4) Tapestry/Carole King (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 18, 1971

5) Rumours/Fleetwood Mac (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 17, 1977

6) Tattoo You/The Rolling Stones (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 19, 1981

7) Synchronicity/The Police (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 17, 1983

8) Purple Rain soundtrack/Prince and The Revolution (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 22, 1984

9) Top Gun soundtrack (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 20, 1986

10) La Bamba soundtrack (DEBUT) - #1 the week of September 19, 1987


joel65913 said...

Tough to choose from so much good music. The first two Judy and Doris were easy but then to pick between the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King and the Police was hard. I went with the album with the most songs I liked, Fleetwood Mac.

Lance said...

What a FUN new feature!! I picked Doris, Judy (of course) and The Beatles.

Marc said...

Joel & Lance, thanks for voting and sharing your selections!