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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dancing with the Stars: Week 7

I was disappointed but not surprised when Jersey Shore's Snooki was eliminated last night instead of comedian Bill Engvall. Obviously he has many more fans who are voting for him, despite the fact that he's the weakest dancer left on the show. And once again, the show revealed its mean streak by informing Team #SpookyBomBom that one of them would be eliminated right before they performed their dance. I'm sure that made them all feel so good. Speaking of the team freestyle dances - which Team #FoxingAwesome deservedly won with a score of 30 points - it was ironic that Snooki was the standout in her group, Team #SpookyBomBom (who received a score of 27). Although I didn't care much for her and Sasha's boring samba - which the judges liked - Snooki should not have gone home this week.

One final comment: Wasn't Julianne Hough already scheduled to replace Len Goodman as a guest judge next week? I'm certainly not complaining that the one and only Cher will be featured instead, but perhaps this has something to do with Julianne's unfortunate blackface Halloween costume. Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing Cher!

Now here are my Week 7 rankings of the remaining stars and their dancing partners in order of preference as well as a prediction of who will be eliminated next week:

1 (Last Week #7) Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff (Score: 29+30=59)
After ending up in last place on my list last week, these two adorable kids bounced right back to the top with their hot cha-cha-cha. Corbin's sense of fun and enthusiasm is contagious, and I definitely don't mind his gyrating, which - according to judge Len Goodman - comes between rap music and a baby crying.

2 (LW #1) Amber Riley & Derek Hough (Score: 29+30=59)
These two came in a close second with their intense paso doble (I think it's the first paso doble that I've enjoyed this season).

3 (LW #1) Elizabeth Berkley & Valentin Chmerkovskiy (Score: 27+27=54)
Their UFO-inspired quickstep was a lot of fun - but I was surprised when she chose Bill and Emma to be on her freestyle dance team.

4 (LW #3) Leah Remini & Tony Dovolani (Score: 26+27=53)
Their salsa was "salsa-licious" - and I was impressed that Leah performed so well with a rib injury. It also doesn't hurt to have your friend Chelsea Handler show up to support you.

5 (LW #2) Brant Daugherty & Peta Murgatroyd (Score: 27+30=57)
Brant pushed himself this week with an energetic jive, and I always love a good cartwheel.

6 (LW #6) Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke (Score: 27+30=57)
Their jive wasn't as good as Brant and Peta's - and why did Cheryl make Jack run up all those stairs at the end? They didn't deserve a 10 from Carrie.

7 (LW #4) Bill Engvall & Emma Slater (Score: 23+27=50)
Their quickstep was dull and not very quick.

Who Should and Will Be Eliminated Next Week: Having received the lowest score of the week, Bill should be the one going home next week. However, his surprisingly large fan base could keep him around, but I'm hoping this will not happen again.


Jeff Adams said...

Completely agree with your assessment here. I hope Bill goes next week. I'm ready for Leah to go to as I just don't find her engaging.

My fave of the week was Derek and Amber. I love a good Paso and this was a great one. Plus Derek was simply hot.

Marc said...

Jeff, I agree that Derek is simply hot - and I think he and Amber will make it to the final three. As for Leah, I find her amusing - and I think her dancing skills have improved. But neither she nor Bill will be in the final three - unless their fans vote them in.

Jeff said...

My vote for top 3 would be Amber & Derek, Elizabeth & Val, Corbin & Karina.

And if Derek can always be topless and bearded to some degree, so much the better!

Marc said...

Jeff, I would agree with your top 3. They are the best dancers - but I still have bad memories of Bristol Palin making the Top 3.

Jeff Adams said...

Oh Marc, did you have to bring up that horror...

Marc said...

Sorry - but at least she didn't win!