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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dancing with the Stars: Week 10

If I was Jack Osbourne, I would be really worried because Bill Engvall's fans could very well send him home next Monday - and, God help us, drag their favorite guy into the Final Three. As for last night's elimination, actress Leah Remini was sent packing, and although she wasn't a great dancer, she did improve - and I enjoyed her sense of humor. So now we're down to only four - Jack, Bill, Amber and Corbin - and you know which three I want to see in the Finals. DWTS fans can easily be divided in to two groups - those who are upset that someone who has had training as a dancer is allowed to compete (i.e. Corbin), and those who are frustrated that a bad dancer who has barely improved might become a Finalist (i.e. Bill). I, of course, am in the latter category - and I'm looking forward to the end of this popularity contest disguised as a dance competition.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that guest judge Maks Chmerkovskiy looked mighty fine in his bow tie. And that gorgeous smile of his distracted me from anything he had to say.

Now here are my Week 10 rankings of the remaining stars and their dancing partners in order of preference as well as a hopeful prediction of who will be eliminated next week:

1 (Last Week #2) Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff (Scores: 35+40=75)
I liked their non-traditional tango, but I loved their sexy rumba (and it certainly didn't hurt to have him go shirtless).

2 (LW #1) Amber Riley & Derek Hough (Scores: 39+40=79)
Their Viennese waltz was lovely, but I really enjoyed their "totally fierce" jazz dance. I was also relieved that her knees are now feeling much better.

3 (LW #4) Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke (Scores: 33+38=71)
I wasn't that impressed with their jazz dance (he didn't do that much during it), but I thought their intense Argentine tango was one of their best performances of the season.

4 (LW #5) Bill Engvall & Emma Slater (Scores: 28+32=60)
Their Argentine tango was okay, but it paled in comparison to Jack and Cheryl's. As for their embarrassing exercise video - which was apparently a cha-cha-cha - the less said the better. I do feel bad that he has a groin injury - but this didn't seem to make him dance any less worse than usual (and his tango was actually an improvement).

Who Should and Will Be Eliminated Next Week: It all comes down to whether Jack has more fans than Bill.


Jeff said...

Marc, I probably don't have to tell you who needs to be eliminated on Monday. I'm in the same court you are.

Between Corbin, Amber and Jack, I think Corbin should win. Though I have a nagging feeling it could be Bill who wins since he's managed to last this long.

Marc said...

Bite your tongue, Jeff! Bill will NOT win - but he could very well end up in the Final 3. I'm hoping Corbin and Amber are the final two, and I'll be happy if either one of them wins.