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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dancing with the Stars: Week 11

I'm sure Bill Engvall's many fans were disappointed with last night's elimination of the comedian, but I'm quite relieved and happy that we don't have to watch him walk through any more dances and then listen to the judges gush all over him and give him scores higher than he deserves (a 9, Len, really? I don't think so). Bill should have been sent packing six weeks ago instead of Christina Milian - but then I wouldn't have had the great pleasure of bitching about his continued presence on the show. However, I must give kudos to his dance partner Emma Slater for trying her best to make him look good each week (which was no easy feat). And now we can just look forward to tonight's Finals featuring Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne and Amber Riley.

Here are my Week 11 rankings in order of preference as well as my prediction of who will take home the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy:

1 (Last Week #2) Amber Riley & Derek Hough (Scores: 30+4+30=64)
I enjoyed their judges' choice Charleston, but my favorite dance of the night was their fun and creative Freestyle, which prompted Len to describe her as "class, fast and built to last".

2 (LW #1) Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff (Scores: 27+5+30=62)
I liked their judges' choice quickstep, but Corbin really shined in their Michael Jackson-inspired Freestyle with that impressive gravity boots sequence. Also, I certainly didn't mind seeing him shirtless during the Samba Relay (which they deservedly won).

3 (LW #3) Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke (Scores: 24+3+30=57)
I was quite pleased that they received a perfect score of 30 for their entertaining old Hollywood musical-inspired Freestyle.

Who Will Win: I think Jack will get third place - and although I would be happy to see either Amber or Corbin win, my heart is leaning slightly towards the former, who - despite ongoing knee problems this season - has been an amazing spitfire on the dance floor.


Jeff said...

I'm watching a day behind, so as I comment I don't know who won last night.

I was so glad Bill was eliminated leaving three solid competitors behind. It's hard to say what I liked the best from the night. Corbin's Freestyle was incredible and good MJ tribute. Amber's was just hotness and I loved the addition of stepping. Jack's was the purest freestyle though, showing exactly what he'd learned through the season and sticking to the ballroom dances without adding in some of the glitz that both Corbin and Amber added.

I agree with you that Jack will likely be third. I think Corbin will edge out the win. But I'll be very happy with whatever the outcome turns out to be as they're all deserving for the dancing they've done this season.

Marc said...

Thanks for your comments, Jeff! And I agree that Corbin, Amber and Jack all deserved to be in the Finals for the dancing they've done this season.