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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dancing with the Stars: Week 9

Oh brother, here we go again. Yes, folks, this season is turning into another painful Bristol Palin scenario, in which good dancers are sent home while a bad one remains due to a rabid fan base. Elizabeth Berkley, who undeservedly got kicked to the curb last night, should have been one of the finalists in my opinion. In the Trio Dance (featuring a third dance partner), she and Val's salsa sandwich with the yummy Gleb Savchenko scored a 30, while Bill Engvall received two scores of 21 for his continued lack of rhythm and timing. The comedian mostly walks through his easy performances, but this obviously doesn't matter to his many devoted fans, who just want to see him win. I can understand rooting for a non-dancer to succeed - like I was with Valerie Harper - but I never thought she deserved to be a finalist over a star who could dance better. It's fun to watch them for a while, but then they need to leave - especially when there is no improvement in their performance skills. Bill seems to be getting worse instead of better, and his ongoing presence on the show only reminds me why I vowed never to watch DWTS again after the Bristol debacle. It's just too frustrating - and I'd much rather watch paint dry than see Mr. Engvall and his fans turn this competition into an embarrassing joke once again.

Now here are my Week 9 rankings of the remaining stars and their dancing partners in order of preference as well as a hopeful prediction of who will be eliminated next week:

1 (Last Week #2) Amber Riley & Derek Hough (Score: 24+27=51)
None of the judges were that impressed with their quickstep, but I enjoyed it. And although her double knee injury is obviously hurting her - both physically and in this competition - she and Derek are still a fabulous, fun duo on the dance floor.

2 (LW #1) Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff (Score: 28+30=58)
I liked their Fosse-esque jazz performance - and I think he's the front-runner at this point.

3 (LW #3) Leah Remini & Tony Dovolani (Score: 27+27=54)
Their tango was kind of stiff, but I loved their creative and delightful jive, in which they poked fun at the judges. Also, I must confess that I now have a crush on the hunky Henry Byalikov.

4 (LW #4) Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke (Score: 29+25=54)
I enjoyed their fun samba much more than their Viennese waltz - and now that Elizabeth is gone, I would probably choose him over Leah for my Top 3.

5 (LW #6) Bill Engvall & Emma Slater (Score: 21+21=42)
I'm sure he's a very nice guy, but I still want him to go away and entertain all his loyal fans.

Who Should and Will Be Eliminated Next Week: Do you really need to ask?


Anonymous said...

What I am finding funny is how mad I get every time you compare Bill Engvall to Bristol Palin. I only watched this show for the first time when you said Valerie Harpers first routine wasn't bad, and I'd only heard of Bill Engvall, never even heard a routine, and now I'm getting angry? I do think it should be clear the voting for Bristol was a political tea party thing, were as Bill, well, I'm always team old guy, but I think he's earned his votes even if he can't dance at this level. Except for Amber, I think he's the only one bringing the Star quality. I'd heard he volunteered to withdraw and was "encouraged" to stay, so if his heart doesn't seem in it anymore I think that should be mentioned. So, yes, he is a nice guy, and yes the show has a mean streak to it. Okay, I'm calm now, thank you. Now, I'm hoping Amber wins and after that I'm never watching this show again.

p.s., how about a count down of fantasy contestant/teams? My pick would be Barbara Bain. Yours?

For all the complaining thanks for blogging.

Marc said...

Thanks for sharing your DWTS feelings, Anonymous! However, I don't agree with you on everything.

Bill Engvall has Star quality??? At least Elizabeth was in the cult flick, "Showgirls", and on "Saved by the Bell". All I know of Bill is that he's a redneck comedian who obviously has a lot of fans - and I'm sure they might think of him as a Star. But I certainly don't.

As for Bristol, I'm only comparing Bill to her because it's the only other time I watched the show until the bitter end. And she was also a bad dancer whose fans (who LOVED her mother) kept her in the competition. Yes, I agree, it was the Teapublicans who voted for her - but the result is the same as what is happening with Bill. And I have a feeling many of his fans are probably Teapublicans/Republicans.

Anyway, it's just frustrating to see the show become a popularity contest once again. Oh well, it's just a silly TV show. And I can't think of any fantasy contestants - except maybe Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and George Clooney. I'd like to see all of them dance, wouldn't you?