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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reeling Review #5: See Getting Go: The Go Doc Project at Chicago's LGBT Film Festival

The sweet and sexy drama, Getting Go: The Go Doc Project, is the first directorial effort of Cory Krueckeberg, who previously co-wrote the charming 2008 film, Were the World Mine. And the cute star of that movie, Tanner Cohen, is also one of the two leads in Getting Go. The other main role is played by Matthew Camp, who is a NYC-famous go-go boy/model/fashion designer/perfumer (yes, he has his own signature fragrance) - and now he, too, is making an impressive feature film debut. The combined talents of these three men have created a cinematic project that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The story is quite simple - a shy college student/blogger named Doc (Cohen) is obsessed with Go, a hot go-go boy whose online pics he masturbates to. But after Doc drunkenly sends Go an email, asking him to be the subject of a documentary about the NYC nightlife scene, he is surprised when the object of his desire agrees to his request. The excited young man then uses his film in order to get closer to Go - and closer they do become. Cohen and Camp's appealing performances and steamy chemistry make this movie a definite must-see. And the adorably hunky Mr. Camp can now add "actor" to his already long list of accomplishments - even though I suspect that he may just be playing a version of himself. Either way, I think he's one to watch out for in the future.

Show time: 7:15 pm, Saturday, November 9, at the Logan Theatre (2646 N. Milwaukee)
Running time: 91 minutes

For a complete schedule of films at Reeling31: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival (which runs November 7 - 14), go to You can purchase tickets online (click here) or in person at Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark) Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 6 pm. You can also get the latest festival news by following Reeling on Twitter and Facebook. And click here to read all my reviews.

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