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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Battle of the Network Stars #16: 1985-86 TV Season

It's been 37 years since Battle of the Network Stars debuted on November 13, 1976, pitting television stars from ABC, CBS and NBC against each other in various sporting events. So I thought it would be fun to revive this competition by featuring the stars of a different TV season every week.

CBS won the 15th Battle, and the following stars will be moving on to Round 2:

Eddie Albert (Green Acres/CBS)
Eva Gabor (Green Acres/CBS)
Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes/CBS)
Mark Goddard (Lost in Space/CBS)
June Lockhart (Lost in Space/CBS)
Guy Williams (Lost in Space/CBS)
Robert Conrad (The Wild Wild West/CBS)
Ross Martin (The Wild Wild West/CBS)
Julie Newmar (Batman/ABC)
Cesar Romero (Batman/ABC)
Burt Ward (Batman/ABC)
Paul Lynde (Bewitched/ABC)
Linda Evans (The Big Valley/ABC)
Sally Field (Gidget/ABC)
Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie/NBC)
Larry Hagman (I Dream of Jeannie/NBC)

PLEASE NOTE: The next Battle of the Network Stars will be on Wednesday, January 1.

Now on to our 16th battle, which takes us back to the 1985-86 TV season when we welcomed the following 32 stars into our homes:


Lance said...

So, the Golden Girls clean up once again, eh? I can't say as I'm surprised by that.

Marc said...

I'm not surprised either - everyone loves the Girls. However, it will be interesting to see how they do in future Rounds.