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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday of Groovy (Holiday) Music #14

Each week I feature 10 groovy albums that have appeared on the Billboard 200 (aka Top LPs) chart during the last 50+ years. You can vote for your three favorites, and the five with the most votes move on to the following week when five new albums will be added to the list.

Last week the Carpenters claimed the top spot with their 1973 album, The Singles: 1969-1973, which received 29 votes out of the 157 cast. And this week they will be challenged by five holiday albums that appeared on Billboard's Christmas LP's chart.

PLEASE NOTE: The next new Top 10 will be on Tuesday, January 7.

1) The Singles: 1969–1973/Carpenters (Week 2) - #6 the week of December 22, 1973

2) The Broadway Album/Barbra Streisand (LW #1, W3) - #5 the week of December 21, 1985

3) On the Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes I & II/Donna Summer (LW #2, W4) - #2 the week of December 22, 1979

4) Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track (W2) - #28 the week of December 17, 1977

5) Grease soundtrack (LW #3, W13) - #5 the week of December 23, 1978

6) The Andy Williams Christmas Album (DEBUT) - #1 the week of December 21, 1963

7) A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records (DEBUT) - #13 the week of December 21, 1963

8) Barbra Streisand/A Christmas Album (DEBUT) - #1 the week of December 23, 1967

9) Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album (DEBUT) - #13 the week of December 21, 1968

10) A Partridge Family Christmas Card (DEBUT) - #1 the week of December 18, 1971


Lance said...

My inner Christmas Queen was squealing with delight at this selection of groovy music! One automatic vote went to Karen & Richard (obviously), but the other two votes went to Barbra's Christmas album (which I own on disc) and Andy Williams!

Happy Christmas Marc (& Michael)!

Marc said...

Lance, I had a feeling your inner Christmas Queen would like this week's Top 10! Have a very merry one, mister!