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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Web Series Worth Watching: The 3rd Annual Groovy Awards

It's time for the 3rd Annual Groovy Awards honoring the best (or grooviest) web series and performances of 2013 as well as the hottest hunks (see above pics). My only rules for consideration were that a series had to have aired at least two episodes this year - and, of course, been featured as a Web Series Worth Watching.

Now it is up to the readers of DEEP DISH and the fans of the nominated series to select their favorites in the ballot below. Voting will end at midnight on Saturday, December 28, and the winners will be announced on Sunday, December 29.

For more information on a Groovy Award-Nominated Series, click on a title below.

Ave 43
Child of the '70s
Conversations W/ My Ex
Destroy the Alpha Gammas
F to 7th
He's With Me
The Horizon
In Between Men
it could be worse
Old Dogs & New Tricks
Ragged Isle
Steam Room Stories
The 3 Bits
Whatever this is.
Where the Bears Are


John C. Bailey said...

Where is the actual link or button to click in order to cast my vote??

Marc said...

Hey, John, just click on the "Finish Survey" button in order to cast your votes.

Anonymous said...

Ann Walker is Kiki Lawrence!

John C. Bailey said...

I see what the problem is. There is no scroll bar within the layout of the survey window so the last two categories as well as the "Finish Survey" button don't show up because the box was not made big enough to house the survey without scrolling. Scroll wheel and down arrow don't work and the scroll bar on the far right scrolls the entire page, not the survey content.
SO, having said that, one CAN get to the bottom of the survey and actually cast votes with the TAB key on your keyboard.
There is no way that people who encounter the same layout problem are going to go to that much trouble.
Can you fix it?
As one of the actors from THURSTON, The western Web Series (not nominated, but co-starred with Walt Willey in his debut episode) I'd love to promote the Groovy Awards!!!

Marc said...

Hey, John, thanks for letting me know about the problem. The survey window looks fine in Firefox - all categories show up - but I just checked in Internet Explorer and the window is smaller on there. So I have made the window bigger, and hopefully you can now easily see all the categories. Please let me know if this solves the problem and thank you for promoting the Groovy Awards!