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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Grooviest People of 2013

And for my final list of favorites of 2013, here are my favorite people of the year:

10) Betty White for coming out as an ally for marriage equality and for continuing to entertain us at age 91.

9) Richard Blanco for becoming the first openly gay person to be the U.S. inaugural poet at Barack Obama's second inauguration.

8) Senator Wendy Davis for her 11-hour filibuster to block legislation that would create new abortion regulations in Texas (and she is now running for Governor of Texas to replace Rick Perry)

7) Jacob Rudolph for his coming-out speech to his classmates during a high school awards ceremony.

6) Bette Midler and Helen Mirren for serenading a dying fan and dressing as the Queen to have tea with a dying boy, respectively.

5) Shane Bitney Crone for becoming an advocate for LGBT rights while sharing his tragic loss in his and director Linda Bloodworth-Thomason's moving documentary, Bridegroom.

4) Jason Collins for becoming the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport (basketball) to come out as gay.

3) Valerie Harper for being an inspiration to us all while dancing in the face of an incurable disease.

2) Jeanne Manford, who died at age 92 last January, for co-founding with her husband the support group organization, PFLAG, in 1972.

The Grooviest Person of 2013: Edie Windsor
for becoming the matriarch of the gay-rights movement during her successful fight for marriage equality.

And here are some groovy people who sadly left us in 2013 (click on a name to read my tribute to them):

Conrad Bain
Karen Black
Eileen Brennan
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Jeanne Cooper
Deanna Durbin
Roger Ebert
Dennis Farina
Joan Fontaine
Steve Forrest
Bonnie Franklin
Eydie Gorme
David Frost
Annette Funicello
James Gandolfini
Julie Harris
Cory Monteith
Peter O'Toole
Patti Page
Eleanor Parker
Lou Reed
Harry Reems
Jean Stapleton
Paul Walker
Marcia Wallace
Esther Williams
Jonathan Winters

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