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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Web Series Worth Watching: Anthony Wilkinson in Tainted Dreams

Web Series of the Week: Tainted Dreams
Created by Emmy-winning producer/director Sonia Blangiardo, this sexy new dramedy follows the lives of the cast and crew of a fictional daytime soap opera, Painted Dreams - and below you can watch a sneak peek of the first three episodes. All My Children's Alicia Minshew stars as Angelica, PD's Senior Producer, who is romantically involved with PD actor Max (Days of our Lives/As the World Turns' Austin Peck), while her former AMC co-star Walt Willey plays philandering PD actor Gregory, who is married to his leading lady, soap diva Veronica (As the World Turns' Kelley Menighan Hensley). The talented cast also includes many other familiar faces from daytime television - Grant Aleksander (Guiding Light), Bobbie Eakes (All My Children/The Bold and the Beautiful), Michael Lowry (All My Children), Nathan Purdee (One Life to Live/The Young and the Restless), and Larkin Malloy (All My Children/Edge of Night). However, it's Anthony Wilkinson's amusing, scene-stealing performance as Anthony, Angelica's gay Production Assistant, that is a highlight of the opening episodes. Hopefully we will see much more of him as the series continues (the openly gay actor is also the author and star of the Off-Broadway hits, My Big Gay Italian Wedding and My Big Gay Italian Funeral).

For more information on Tainted Dreams, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: The next Web Series Worth Watching will be on Sunday, January 26.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

This gay drama set in the NYC Bear community continues as Leo recovers from his violent hook-up and meets a new guy. To catch up on the series, go to or subscribe to its YouTube Channel. You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.

Old Dogs & New Tricks: WeHo Horror Story
Check out the teaser/trailer for this upcoming mini-movie that wraps up loose ends, takes the boys on a Halloween adventure and sets the stage for the third season of this groovy gay series. You can catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu - and you can follow ODNT on Facebook and Twitter.

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