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Monday, February 3, 2014

Groovy Guy of the Month: David Pevsner

This month's Groovy Guy is actor and writer David Pevsner, whom I've enjoyed watching on the comedic web series, Old Dogs & New Tricks, which will begin its third season later this year. David has also appeared in such films as Scrooge & Marley, Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, Role/Play and the Lifetime TV movie, Liz & Dick, as Lindsay Lohan's doctor. His other acting credits include TV's Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy, Broadway's Fiddler on the Roof, and the Off-Broadway hits, When Pigs Fly and Party.

As a writer, David's songs have been heard in the film, Adam & Steve, both the stage and film versions of Naked Boys Singing! ("Perky Little Porn Star"), and the musical revue, Fancy Boys Follies. He has also written and performed his own one-man shows, To Bitter and Back and Musical Comedy Whore.

I am delighted to have the fabulous Mr. Pevsner here on the Dish to answer a few questions about his career and, of course, pop culture.

Did you always want to be an actor? And what was your very first role?
I did. I watched 25 hours of TV a day and I loved actors. My first roles were in shows that I wrote myself in grammar school, really bad musicals that I did with all girls...the boys wanted nothing to do with them. My first "legit" role was Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I my freshman year at Niles East High School in Skokie, Illinois. I was hooked.

Can you share any details about the upcoming new season of Old Dogs & New Tricks?
We shot a fun "Very Special" episode called Weho Horror Story, and we start shooting the whole third season in March. Tune in and find out!

You're also starring in another new web series, Disorganized Zone, with actress Judy Norton (The Waltons). What's it about?
It's a takeoff on The Twilight Zone about a personal organizer (Judy) and I play the Rod Serling "host" character. Very fun to shoot. The funny thing is that my side business a personal organizer! It's called Address the Mess, and I love doing it. It changes people's lives.

Tell us about your show, Musical Comedy Whore. What inspired you to create it?
I had done a one-man musical a few years back called To Bitter and Back. I really loved doing it, the whole "telling stories" thing, and I knew I had a good story to tell here. Musical Comedy Whore is all about my sex life and history and choices that I made and shame and regret and learning to own those choices and loving yourself. Even though it's pretty honest and raw and risque and almost painfully personal, it becomes very universal and very relatable, and I think pretty funny and sweet. I don't want to say too much about it because there are some pretty nifty surprises in it, but I hope folks are going to love it.

What is the most memorable moment you have had while performing onstage in a show?
Oh lord, I feel my age when I'm asked questions like this. I remember pretty much nothing. However, we were doing our production of Corpus Christi, the Terrence McNally play which is essentially about a gay Jesus character. It's a very moving piece, especially for gay people who feel that their religion turns their back on them. In one performance that we did in Hollywood, the Jesus character (who starts out as a character named Joshua in 1950s Corpus Christi, Texas) is crucified, and it's very moving because the show really humanizes Jesus, and in the moment the character is crucified, an audience member came up to the stage in tears and kissed Joshua/Jesus' feet. It really showed us how important doing this play is. I'm a Jew and not religious, but I cannot deny the power of that moment.

So I have to ask - how was it working with Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick?
Oh, she was fine. Funny thing...she was nice enough and sort of into her own thing, but at one point, the director had me crushed up against the wall for her take, and he asked if I was okay, and I said, "Sure, I'm fine with whatever you want me to do", and she exploded "DON'T. EVER. SAY THAT!" Obviously, that struck a nerve, and in a weird way, she was trying to help me.

You have two new films coming out this year - Waiting in the Wings: The Musical and Marble Hornets. What are they about and who do you play?
Well, I can't really talk too much about Marble Hornets because it's a thriller and they'd shoot me if I gave anything away, but it's directed by James Moran, who was an Assistant Director on the Paranormal Activity films. This is his directorial debut, and I'm only in one scene, but I just adore him. Waiting in the Wings promises to be a really really fun musical romp - yes, I said ROMP because that's what it is. I get to play a haughty choreographer. The writer, Jeffrey Johns, was tireless in getting this made, and I have so much respect for him that he did. I think it's going to be a ball.

If you could go back and give your 19-year-old self a wise piece of advice, what would it be?
Such a good question. I would tell him it's great to be gay, to be who you are, and to stop caring so much about what people think about you. I sometimes have to tell myself that last one, even now.

What are your five favorite TV shows of all time?
1) thirtysomething - Best writing and acting ever on a show. Ever. And the older I get, the more the wisdom of that show makes sense to me.

2) I Love Lucy - Because I have seen every episode 3,000 times and it still makes me laugh.

3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I was not prepared when I first caught on to this show how absolutely fantastic the writing was. So funny, so scary, so tapped into the teen angst we all had. I couldn't love it more.

4) Top Chef - I'm not even that good a cook, but I fucking love this show. I couldn't even tell you why...I just do.

5) The Comeback - It was only on for one season, and I've never been more uncomfortable watching a show than this. I constantly cringed at the inhumanities thrown at Valerie Cherish, the Lisa Kudrow character...but her reactions were so human. Hilarious.

What are five of your favorite films?
Okay, I'm not saying these are the greatest movies ever made...but they are pretty much closest to my heart.

Sixteen Candles - It was shot at my high school, it's packed with hilarious character actors, and as I am nothing but a teenage girl inside, it is the ultimate romance. Swoon.

What's Up, Doc? - A study in great character acting...what a cast. Arguably, the funniest movie ever made.

Hair - I saw this movie 20 times in five different countries. Rewrote the book on movie musicals. Brilliant.

Baby Boom - Diane Keaton Diane Keaton Diane Keaton.

Shame - This movie devastated me. I took to my bed. After I saw it, I couldn't stop crying...really hit a nerve.

If you were asked to choose the Sexiest Man Alive, whom would you select?
If we're talking celebrity, I'm a bit of an Anglophile and Aussie lover, so the whole Clive Owen-Daniel Craig-Hugh Jackman vibe works for me.

If you could have anyone in the world - living or dead - be a guest at your dinner party, what three people would you invite?
Montgomery Clift - so damaged. I wish I had been around to help him. Randi Rhodes, a liberal radio talk show host who is so goddamn smart and informed. And Adolph Hitler because I want to know what is behind such a monster. Plus I'd love to hear Randi just browbeat him. She could do it, too.

What's next for David Pevsner?
I wrote a film called My GFF (My Gay Film Festival), 10 short films to be directed by 10 different directors. I am determined to make that film. Musical Comedy Whore had its first production in a little theater in Rancho Mirage, CA, and now I"m looking to do a run of it in L.A. and hopefully New York. Those are my priorities. I have a bunch of other films - shorts and features - on their way out that are either in post-production or in festivals. I had a very busy 2013. Otherwise, I'll play more doctors and lawyers on TV and film and keep being a working actor and personal organizer. It's never dull. And I want a boyfriend. Just putting that out there. Thanks, Marc!

Thank you, David, for being such a groovy guy!

To learn more about David, go to And you can catch up on the first two seasons of Old Dogs & New Tricks on Hulu or on DVD.


Daniel Paul said...

He also has a great tumblr page to show how his amazing body for nude artistic photos. Well worth checking out. Clearly David is a DILF

Marc said...

Thanks for the link, Daniel! And I agree that David is definitely a DILF.

Anonymous said...

i am so smitten with take me anyway you want it DILF

Anonymous said...

David is one hot DADDY!

Anonymous said...

It looks like David could at some point morph into gay porn. His nude pictures are truly amazing. Keep spreading them, David!