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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Web Series Worth Watching: Submissions Only returns for a 3rd Season

Web Series of the Week: Submissions Only
If you haven't yet discovered the many joys of this wonderful web series, now is the time to start watching. Submissions Only, which began its third season this week, tells the tale of two NYC friends - actress Penny Reilly (played by co-creator Kate Wetherhead) and theater casting director Tim Trull (Colin Hanlon). And in the Season 3 opener, Penny is stressed out about her feelings for Aaron Miller, the boyfriend of Serena, her co-star in a new musical. The entire cast is great, including the handsome Santino Fontana as Aaron, the hilarious Lindsay Nicole Chambers as Tim's assistant, the always amusing Jared Gertner as Randall, Tim's reader (who gets a new job), and a scene-stealing Laura Jordan as Stacey, one of Aaron's agents. Also, an episode wouldn't be complete without a special guest star like Brian d'Arcy James and Bobby Cannavale, who both make brief appearances. So if you're not already a Submissions fan, I think you will quickly become one - especially if you start at the very beginning with Seasons 1 and 2, which are available on As for the rest of us who have been patiently awaiting the new season, all I can say is "Enjoy!"

For more information on the series, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter. And click here to check out my recent interview with co-creator Andrew Keenan-Bolger.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

Ave 43
This deliciously twisted soap opera returns for its seventh season as Debbie's life changes when her late uncle leaves her his house (and maid). If you haven't watched Ave 43 before, I highly recommend that you begin with Episode 1 on its YouTube channel. You can also become a fan of the series on Facebook.

There is lots of finger-lickin' good drama in the latest episode of this Dynasty-esque drama, which features a guest appearance by Andrea Evans (Passions, One Life to Live) as a long-lost relative with a gift. Meanwhile, Jason and his half-brother Andrew (Kyle Lowder) relive the bygone days of Krystle and Alexis when they get into a fight. To catch up on all the delicious drama of DeVanity, go to You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.


Michael said...

Thanks for the love Marc!

Marc said...

You're welcome, Michael! Thanks for another great season of DeVanity.