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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Groovy Giveaway: Leslie L. Smith's Sally Field Can Play the Transsexual, or I Was Cursed by Polly Holliday

This week's Groovy Giveaway is two copies of Leslie L. Smith's novel, Sally Field Can Play the Transsexual, or I Was Cursed by Polly Holliday.

In this tale of bruising humor, heartbreaking loss and inspiring insight, David Mathews is a gay male escort with a penchant for keeping responsibility and emotion at arm's length. When his closest friend and mentor Robert dies from AIDS, David struggles with the mourning process, a situation complicated by the fact that Robert has left him a small fortune.

Reeling from the loss and puzzled by his new inheritance, David must make the journey from New York City back home to Arkansas to visit his dying mother. Suddenly, Robert's ghost is riding shotgun on the trip, intent on challenging David's narrow worldview on life, love, intimacy and safe sex. Along the way, David meets a gallery of fascinating people, including a philosophy-spouting waitress, a young artist promoting AIDS education and a transsexual nurse. All play a role in propelling David into emotional adulthood.

An honest and unyielding examination of the challenges of gay male life in America today, Sally Field Can Play the Transsexual offers laughs, tears and universal life lessons for anyone searching for a past, present and future.

For more information about Leslie L. Smith and his book, go to

To enter to win this Groovy Giveaway, email your name and address to The winner must have a US mailing address, and entries close at midnight on Thursday, June 12 (CST).

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