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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Groovy Guy of the Month: Matt Palazzolo

This month's Groovy Guy is Matt Palazzolo, the creator of one of my favorite web series, the critically acclaimed Bloomers, which is about a group of young friends in Los Angeles who work at a hip underwear (or bloomers) company. Matt also stars in the series as Brooke, a single gay man looking for love, and he will soon begin filming Season 3 (click here to donate to Bloomers' Indiegogo campaign to help fund its new season).

Matt's other credits include the feature films, You Should Meet My Son! and Real Heroes, and the web series, Spin the Bottle. He also works as an LGBT activist and serves on the City of West Hollywood's Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board

I am delighted to have the fabulous Mr. Palazzolo here on the Dish to answer a few questions about his life, Bloomers and, of course, pop culture.

Did you always want to be an actor and a filmmaker? And what was your very first role?
I've wanted to be an actor since age 7 when I saw The Addams Family movie - I know, strange inspiration - but it just seemed like all of those actors were having so much fun and I wanted to have fun, too. I've wanted to be a filmmaker since about age 16. My parents gave me a little camcorder for my birthday, and I started experimenting with my friends filming things - did your mind just go straight to the gutter?

What inspired you to create Bloomers?
The genesis of Bloomers was needing an acting job. Ha-ha. My fellow exec producer, Fernanda Espíndola, and I wanted to create some work for ourselves and our group of friends so we created an online TV show about... well, a group of friends. We had no idea, though, that this little story we were telling would end up resonating with millions of people around the world. It seriously took us off guard. And now here we are making Season 3.

Can you share any details about Season 3?
Season 3 is going to be a trip. You can expect every character to go through a huge change and engage in all the usual antics we're used to seeing on Bloomers. A few sneak peeks: Sean Hemeon will be back as Ken. And Paul S. Tracey will also be back as Jaxon, the soldier Brooke met at the end of Season 2. In other words, there will be two men in Brooke's life. How that plays out? Well, you'll have to watch - but if you'd like to see a just released fun video of Sean Hemeon and I regarding season 3:

You're in a new film, Real Heroes, which will be released on DVD on August 7. What is it about and who do you play?
Real Heroes is about a reality show about failed superheroes. I shot it the month before we shot the second season of Bloomers so it's been a long time coming. I'm really excited that people will finally get to see this film. It's very funny. This is my second time working with the very talented writer/director Keith Hartman. In his first film, You Should Meet My Son, I played a drag queen. In Real Heroes, I play Psychic Sam, a fairly lazy hero who likes to fight crime over the phone.

What are your five favorite TV shows of all time?
Only five? Okay, here we go, not in any particular order:

Grey's Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes' ability to keep it fresh and to keep it a highest-rated show for 10 years blows my mind. But Sandra Oh's performance of what may be the most complicated, textured and human female character (and definitely Asian-American character) on any television show ever is really what has kept me coming back. Grey's is underrated in how it has changed the landscape of television. It raised the bar for minority representation - women, people of color, LGBT characters - truly.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: the writing of this show and Patrick Stewart's performance truly opened my mind to the possibilities. However, though TNG is my favorite Star Trek series, my favorite Star Trek episode of all time comes from Deep Space 9. The episode, "The Visitor", I think is one of the best hours of television ever made. Absolutely beautiful performances by Avery Brooks and Tony Todd.

Battlestar Galactica: it has the thought-provoking writing of Star Trek combined with the drama of Grey's. Plus, INCREDIBLE acting. How could I resist?

Xena: Warrior Princess - when kids at school made me feel like shit for being gay, this show reminded me that I was a warrior princess.

Queer as Folk - so this show wasn't on my radar as a favorite show when I first watched it as a teenager. It wasn't until I went back and re-watched it as an adult that I understood how groundbreaking and important this show was and is. In terms of LGBT-exclusive content, not many things come close to QAF.

What are five of your favorite films?
In no particular order:

The Hours
Star Trek: First Contact (makes me cry every single time)
Cloud Atlas
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
The Bridges of Madison County
Paris Is Burning
Boogie Nights

I know that was seven.

If you were asked to choose the Sexiest Man Alive, whom would you select?
I'd have to either say my fellow Bloomers producers, Wiley B. Oscar and Alex Paris... or ... a guy who smiles and is kind? Okay, I kind of have big crushes on the following men: Machine Gun Kelly, Jesse Williams, Godfrey Gao, Rocco Kayiatos aka Katastrophe, and Eric Northman... not Alexander Skarsgård... but Eric Northman the vampire.

If you could have anyone in the world - living or dead - be a guest at your dinner party, what three people would you invite?
Nelson Mandela. King Tut. My mom. I think we'd have a cute time... once we got past that language barrier with Tut. Can the dinner party be in Italy and involve mostly gelato?

What's next for Matt Palazzolo?
Season 3 of Bloomers. Please help us make it by visiting our Indiegogo crowdfunding page at Beyond that, who knows? I'm asking myself that question. If you know, please email me.

Thank you, Matt, for being such a groovy guy!

To learn more about Matt, follow him on Twitter. And you can catch up on the first two seasons of Bloomers at

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MovieJunkie said...

The quality acting and writing of this show is superb. What a great show! Can't wait for season 3.