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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The 100 Grooviest Christmas TV Episodes #35 - 67

To celebrate the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to count down the 100 Grooviest Christmas TV Episodes. Hopefully I've selected some of your favorites (click link for Episodes 68-100).

67) M*A*S*H - "Dear Dad"/December 17, 1972
Hawkeye writes a letter to his father about the activities of the 4077th during the holidays.

66) China Beach - "X-Mas Chn. Bch. VN, '67"/December 21, 1988
As Christmas preparations are underway, McMurphy and Dr. Richard spend 24 hours in triage and Boonie surprises everyone with snow.

65) The Dukes of Hazzard - "The Great Santa Claus Chase"/December 19, 1980
Boss hires a trio of criminals to hijack the Dukes' Christmas tree shipment.

64) Hazel - "Hazel's Christmas Shopping"/December 21, 1961
Hazel takes a seasonal job at a department store, but her unusual concept of customer service almost causes her to be fired.

63) That Girl - "'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest"/December 21, 1967
After Ann buys theater tickets for her neighbors from a scalper, Donald mentions that sometimes people are robbed while they are at the show. Ann and Donald are then caught by the police while removing the Baumans' Christmas presents from their apartment.

62) The Facts of Life - "The Christmas Show"/December 21, 1983
The girls prepare to go their separate ways for Christmas vacation.

61) Julia - "I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas"/December 24, 1968
Julia's friends pitch in to make Corey's Christmas a happy one.

60) Full House - "Our Very First Christmas Show"/December 16, 1988
A blizzard forces the family to spend Christmas in an airport.

59) The Golden Girls - "Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas"/December 16, 1989
The ladies volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas.

58) All in the Family - "The Draft Dodger"/December 25, 1976
The Bunkers have Christmas dinner with a friend of Archie's whose son died in Vietnam and a friend of Mike's who's a draft dodger.

57) Sisters - "Eggnog"/December 21, 1991
On Christmas Eve, Georgie tries to infect the family with holiday spirit, but Bea's spoiled eggnog infects them with something else.

56) Dynasty - "That Holiday Spirit"/December 19, 1984
Blake purchases Allegre back for Krystle for Christmas, and she gives him a portrait of Fallon.

55) Ally McBeal - "Blue Christmas"/December 20, 1999
After not being able to convince the others that she can be sexy, Ally does a memorable performance of "Santa Baby" at the Christmas party.

54) The Andy Griffith Show - "The Christmas Story"/December 19, 1960
Despite being forced to arrest bootlegger Sam Muggins, Andy still manages to have the most wonderful Christmas in Mayberry.

53) Alice - "Mel, the Magi"/December 23, 1979
A power outage at the diner leads to an unexpected visitor - Santa Claus!

52) Just Shoot Me - "How the Finch Stole Christmas"/December 15, 1998
After he sneaks a look at the office Christmas presents and discovers the trivial gift he'll be receiving, Finch decides to ruin Christmas for the others.

51) Bewitched - "Sisters at Heart"/December 24, 1970
Tabitha wishes herself and her black friend Lisa into having black and white polka-dotted skin. In a special opening, Elizabeth Montgomery welcomes viewers to this Christmas episode, which was written by a 10th grade English class at Thomas Jefferson High School in Los Angeles.

50) Little House on the Prairie - "Christmas at Plum Creek"/December 25, 1974
When Christmas comes around, all the Ingalls are caught up in the secrecy and excitement.

49) The Jeffersons - "The Christmas Wedding"/December 22, 1976
Peace and goodwill are the first holiday casualties when the Jeffersons and the Willises get into a Christmas Eve spat over Lionel and Jenny's wedding.

48) Three's Company - "Three's Christmas"/December 20, 1977
The Ropers invite Janet, Jack and Chrissy downstairs to celebrate Christmas, but then the trio discover they have been invited to another party.

47) Glee - "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"/December 13, 2011
New Directions is asked to create a holiday special for the local PBS station, and the station manager agrees to Artie's concept — a black-and-white homage to both the Star Wars Holiday Special and The Judy Garland Christmas Special.

46) Popular - "Fall on Your Knees"/December 9, 1999
When Nicole finds herself becoming the female Scrooge for the holidays, she is haunted by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

45) Knots Landing - "A Merry Little Christmas"/December 20, 1990
Michele Lee (Karen) sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" in this episode.

44) The Simpsons - "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"/December 17, 1989
In the series' first episode, Homer gets a job as a shopping mall Santa after he discovers that he will not be getting a Christmas bonus.

43) The Wonder Years - "Christmas"/December 14, 1988
Kevin and Wayne try to convince their father to buy a color television for Christmas, and Kevin tries to find a present for Winnie after he unexpectedly receives one from her.

42) The Odd Couple - "Scrooge Gets an Oscar"/December 17, 1970
After he refuses to act in a benefit performance of A Christmas Carol, Oscar has a nightmare that he is the character of Ebenezer Madison (Scrooge) in the classic holiday tale.

41) Are You Being Served? - "Christmas Crackers"/December 22, 1975
Young Mr. Grace decides that the staff will have to wear novelty costumes in order to boost Christmas sales figures.

40) 3rd Rock from the Sun - "Jolly Old St. Dick"/December 15, 1996
The Solomons are excitedly preparing for Christmas when Dick is arrested for attempting to cut somebody's tree down for his living room.

39) All in the Family - "Christmas Day at the Bunkers'"/December 18, 1971
Archie is not feeling happy at Christmas due to a mistake at work that cost him his bonus.

38) Moonlighting - "Twas the Episode Before Christmas"/December 17, 1985
A man named Joseph is murdered by criminals he testified against and his wife, Mary, leaves her baby in Agnes' apartment. The episode ends with the cast, crew and their families singing a Christmas carol to the viewers.

37) Seinfeld - "The Pick"/December 16, 1992
Elaine is humiliated when her Christmas card photo taken by Kramer accidentally exposes her nipple.

36) The Office - "Christmas Party"/December 6, 2005
The office Christmas party turns into a disaster when Michael decides to give all of the employees the ability to steal each other's gifts.

35) The Flintstones - "Christmas Flintstone"/December 25, 1964
Fred becomes Santa for Macyrock's store, and then Santa's elves recruit him to sub for the real Santa.

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