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Monday, December 22, 2014

The 100 Grooviest Christmas TV Episodes #1 - 34

To celebrate the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to count down the 100 Grooviest Christmas TV Episodes. Hopefully I've selected some of your favorites (click links for Episodes 35-67 and Episodes 68-100).

34) South Park - "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"/December 17, 1997
When a Jewish Kyle feels excluded from the town's celebrations during Christmas, he is comforted by Mr. Hankey, a talking and singing lump of feces wearing a red hat.

33) The Addams Family - "Christmas with the Addams Family"/December 24, 1965
Not wanting the children to be disappointed, each member of the family dresses as Santa Claus, and Morticia sings "Deck the Halls".

32) The Donna Reed Show - "A Very Merry Christmas"/December 24, 1958
Donna's faith in mankind is restored when she discovers who has been secretly giving the Christmas parties for the children's ward all these years.

31) Mama's Family - "Santa Mama"/December 20, 1986
Vinton is asked to portray Santa Claus at the mall on Christmas Eve, but when he loses his voice, a reluctant Mama must fill in for him.

30) Home Improvement - "I'm Scheming of a White Christmas"/December 16, 1992
On Tool Time, Maureen has gotten The Manhattan Transfer to sing instead of the barking dogs which Tim wanted. Meanwhile, Al dresses up in a Santa suit and gets stuck in a chimney.

29) The Monkees - "The Monkees' Christmas Show"/December 25, 1967
The Monkees try to instill the spirit of Christmas in a cynical little boy (Butch Patrick) who has soured on the whole idea.

28) Bewitched - "A Vision of Sugar Plums"/December 24, 1964
The Kravitzes and Stephens participate in a program that allows orphaned children to stay with adults for the holidays. When the Stephens' young charge reveals that he does not believe in Santa Claus, Samantha takes him to the North Pole.

27) The Doris Day Show - "It's Christmas Time in the City"/December 21, 1970
Jarvis disrupts Doris' Christmas Party when he turns into a Scrooge and threatens to shut it down, and Doris sings "Silver Bells".

26) I Love Lucy - "I Love Lucy Christmas Show"/December 24, 1956
Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel reminisce (via flashbacks of previous episodes) as they trim the tree on Christmas Eve.

25) Keeping Up Appearances - "The Father Christmas Suit"/December 25, 1991
Hyacinth hires a Father Christmas outfit for Richard to wear when distributing gifts to the old people at the Church Hall. But after he has one too many sherries with Emmet, Elizabeth must don the outfit and pretend to be him.

24) The Vicar of Dibley - "The Christmas Lunch Incident"/December 25, 1996
When Geraldine is invited to three separate Christmas dinners (she is later asked to a fourth), she hasn't the heart to turn them down so she has to go to all three.

23) The Partridge Family - "Don't Bring Your Guns To Town, Santa"/December 11, 1971
When their bus breaks down in a ghost town, it looks like the family will miss Christmas, so a prospector entertains them with a Christmas tale set in the Old West.

22) Family Ties - "A Keaton Christmas Carol"/December 14, 1983
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is adapted to the Keatons as a Scrooge-like Alex is enlightened of the meaning of the Christmas season by the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Jennifer) and Future (Mallory).

21) Eight Is Enough - "Yes, Nicholas, There is a Santa Claus"/December 14, 1977
A present hidden by Joan before her death restores the Bradfords' spirit after a Christmas burglar (dressed up as Santa Claus) steals their gifts.

20) The Bob Newhart Show - "I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas"/December 22, 1973
Bob is trapped in his office on Christmas Eve.

19) Married... with Children - "It's a Bundyful Life"/December 17, 1989
After he is almost electrocuted while fixing the Christmas lights, Al meets a loud, obnoxious guardian angel (Sam Kinison) who shows him what life would be like if he was never born.

18) Glee - "A Very Glee Christmas"/December 7, 2010
Kurt sings a duet of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Blaine, while Sue dresses as the Grinch to steal the glee club's presents and vandalize the choir room's Christmas decorations.

17) Mork & Mindy - "Mork's First Christmas"/December 14, 1978
Mork invites the obnoxious Susan Taylor (Morgan Fairchild) to spend Christmas with the McConnell's when he learns that she has no one to celebrate with.

16) The Facts of Life - "Christmas in the Big House"/December 19, 1984
As a result of a mix-up, the girls present a Christmas show in a prison instead of a home for boys like they planned.

15) Absolutely Fabulous - "Cold Turkey"/December 24, 2003
For the first time ever, Edina stays home and spends Christmas with the family, and Patsy shocks everyone by asking for a slice of turkey.

14) Designing Women - "I'll Be Home for Christmas"/December 21, 1987
Charlene and Anthony portray Santa and one of his elves to outsmart Mary Jo's disbelieving son on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Suzanne receives an unusual gift from her maid Consuela's family - a pet pig.

13) Roseanne - "White Trash Christmas"/December 14, 1993
Roseanne and Dan go all out for Christmas as an indignant reaction to their neighborhood association's limits on exterior decoration.

12) Laverne & Shirley - "Oh Hear the Angels' Voices"/December 21, 1976
Carmine recruits the gang to perform at a local mental hospital, and Lenny and Squiggy sing "The Jolliest Fat Man".

11) The Golden Girls - "'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas"/December 20, 1986
A series of mishaps almost ruins the ladies' Christmas.

10} WKRP in Cincinnati - "Jennifer's Home for Christmas"/December 17, 1979
Jennifer's friends think she is going to be alone for Christmas without a tree, so each of them arrives at her apartment with a tree for her.

9) Happy Days - "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas"/December 17, 1974
Richie discovers that Fonzie will be spending Christmas all alone.

8) Bewitched - "Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays"/December 18, 1969
Esmeralda mistakenly zaps Santa Claus to the Stephens home and cannot get him back to the North Pole in time to finish the toys for Christmas.

7) The Office - "A Benihana Christmas"/December 14, 2006
A disagreement within the Party Planning Committee leads Karen and Pam to create their own Christmas party, separate from Angela's.

6) The Lucy Show - "Together for Christmas"/December 24, 1962
For the first time, Lucy and Viv decide to celebrate Christmas together - but problems arise when they disagree on everything.

5) Seinfeld - "The Strike"/December 18, 1997
Jerry, Elaine, George and Mr. Kruger attend the Festivus dinner at George's parents' house.

4) The Waltons - "The Homecoming: A Christmas Story"/December 19, 1971
On Christmas Eve 1933, the Walton family in rural Virginia prepare for the holiday.

3) The Dick Van Dyke Show - "The Alan Brady Show Presents"/December 18, 1963
The staff of The Alan Brady Show become the main players of the annual Christmas show.

2) The Mary Tyler Moore Show - "Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid II"/December 19, 1970
Mary is forced to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

1) The Brady Bunch - "The Voice of Christmas"/December 19, 1969
In the show's only Christmas episode, Carol comes down with laryngitis and may not be able to sing at the holiday service, prompting Cindy to ask a department store Santa Claus for a miracle.

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