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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Grooviest Books of 2014

As yet another year comes to an end, it's time once again to sit back and reflect upon the best and the worst of the last 12 months. And then we make our lists.

So this is the first in a series of what I enjoyed in 2014, beginning with books. I will also share my "Grooviest" selections in theater, music, television and movies as well as the results of the 4th Annual Groovy Awards honoring the best web series of the year. Now here are my literary favorites of 2014 in alphabetical order according to author (click on title for more info):

I Said Yes to Everything: A Memoir (2014) by Lee Grant

After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story (2013) by Michael Hainey

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography (2014) by Neil Patrick Harris

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) (2011) by Mindy Kaling

Part Swan, Part Goose: An Uncommon Memoir of Womanhood, Work, and Family (2014) by Swoosie Kurtz

Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh (2014) by John Lahr

In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin (2011) by Erik Larson

Even This I Get to Experience (2014) by Norman Lear

Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 1 (2014) by Seth Rudetsky

Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters (2014) edited by Randy L. Schmidt

Drama High: The Incredible True Story of a Brilliant Teacher, a Struggling Town, and the Magic of Theater (2013) by Michael Sokolove


joel65913 said...

Very intriguing collection. I've been looking forward to both the Lee Grant and Swoosie Kurtz books and I've now added the Norman Lear one to my Goodreads list, hadn't known about it but all the series he created alone should make fascinating reading. Happy Holidays!

john said...

You are such a gem for keeping us informed about what's out there that's good and needs our attention. Thanks for all your work and a great, always interesting blog.

MrVaritek said...

I got NPH's book for Christmas. Can't wait to read it. Seems like a nice easy summer read. So I'm saving it for my long weekend at the lake house.

Also the books by Norman Lear and Erik Larson sound interesting.

Marc Harshbarger said...

Thanks, Joel, John and Mr. V, for your comments. Glad you all found my book list interesting. Happy Reading in 2015!