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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Battle of the Network Stars #79: 2011-13 TV Seasons, Round 2

The following stars from the 78th Battle of the Network Stars will be moving on to Round 3:

Andy Griffith (The Andy Griffith Show/CBS)
John Forsythe (Bachelor Father/CBS)
Jackie Gleason (The Honeymooners/CBS)
Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy/CBS)
Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy/CBS)
Vivian Vance (I Love Lucy/CBS)
Barbara Billingsley (Leave It to Beaver/CBS)
Tony Dow (Leave It to Beaver/CBS)
Raymond Burr (Perry Mason/CBS)
Dick Clark (American Bandstand/ABC)
Robert Conrad (Hawaiian Eye/ABC)
Connie Stevens (Hawaiian Eye/ABC)
James Garner (Maverick/ABC)
Don Grady (My Three Sons/ABC)
Michael Landon (Bonanza/NBC)
Dinah Shore (The Dinah Shore Show/NBC)

PLEASE NOTE: The next Battle of the Network Stars will be on Thursday, February 5.

Now on to our 79th battle, which takes us back to the 2011-13 TV seasons when we welcomed the following 32 stars into our homes:


Damien said...

This was C-R-U-E-L.

SO hard....

Marc Harshbarger said...

Sorry, Damien - but it's only going to become more difficult in Round 3.