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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Remembering Dirk Shafer 1962 - 2015

Dirk Shafer, who died Thursday at age 52, first became known when he appeared in Playgirl as 1990's "Man for the Holidays". He was then selected by the magazine's readers as 1992's "Man of the Year", and this inspired him to write, direct and star in Man of the Year, a 1995 mockumentary about his life as a closeted gay man playing the role of a heterosexual sex symbol. Shafer later co-wrote and directed Circuit, a 2001 independent film set in the world of gay circuit parties. He also appeared as an actor named "Blaze" in a 2001 episode of the NBC sitcom, Will & Grace.

In recent years, Shafer worked as a fitness trainer and certified Pilates instructor, but Playgirl featured him again in a 20th anniversary photo spread in the magazine's August 2012 issue.

Below you can watch Dirk Shafer win a Best Buns competition on Phil Donahue's syndicated talk show, in a scene from Man of the Year, and in a 2009 interview about fitness training.

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