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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Groovy Giveaway: Joe Zaso's Breakfast in Bed with Café Himbo

This week's Groovy Giveaway is a copy of Joe Zaso's new cookbook, Breakfast in Bed with Café Himbo, in which the actor, filmmaker, model and author shares a few of his favorite recipes as well as some contributed by his cult movie celeb friends including Elizabeth Shepherd (Damien: Omen II), Catherine Mary Stewart (The Apple, Night of the Comet), Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest, Amityville II: The Possession), Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet, Chopping Mall), Desiree Gould (Sleepaway Camp), Russell Todd (Friday the 13th Part II, He Knows You're Alone), Lynne Griffin (Black Christmas, Curtains), Armand Mastroianni (He Knows You're Alone) and many more!

I first interviewed Mr. Zaso in 2010 (click here to read), and then I featured him again in 2012 when he released his first cookbook (click here to read). So now let's catch up with him!

What have you been doing since our last interview?
I’ve worked on three more cookbooks - Café Himbo Cookbook II, Café Himbo’s Just Desserts, and the latest, Breakfast in Bed with Café Himbo. But besides cookbooks, my film production of Jack Attack had its premiere and won numerous awards, and has had both a theatrical release (within the feature film Seven Hells) and it’s soon to be on DVD within a feature film with another title. The Wolf of Wall Street and The Normal Heart both made their rounds (each including a notable moment by yours truly). I also acted in two short films, Mauvaises Tetes (Bad Heads) and Wrath of the Blood Angel, and I appeared in the award-winning Poe anthology, Tales of Poe. In addition, I have modeled the fashions of Michael Kaye through print work - and I’m the assistant of Hedda Lettuce at her wonderfully funny screenings at Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea.

What are a few of your favorite recipes in Breakfast in Bed?
Armand Mastroianni has a delicious Italian Sausage-Mushroom Omelette. Spiced Whiskey French Toast, Apple Fritters - and yes, even Pigeon Pie! This recipe comes from Elizabeth Shepherd who played Joan Hart, the reporter attacked by a raven in Damien: Omen II.

When was the last time you had breakfast in bed or made breakfast for someone else? And what did you have or make for them?
I don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast in bed made for me. I’ve always done the cooking and serving! I think omelettes or French toast are always the way to go.

What's next for Joe Zaso?
I'm looking for an interesting new feature to work on.

To enter to win this Groovy Giveaway, email your name and address to The winner must have a US mailing address, and entries close at midnight on Sunday, July 12 (CST).

For more information about Joe Zaso and to order his cookbooks, visit his official website at You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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