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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Live from New York, it's SNL's Top 10 Moments of 1976-77

To celebrate Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary on October 11, I thought it would be fun to feature some of the show's most memorable moments (in chronological order). Click here to see previous posts - and now let's look back at SNL's second season (1976-77):

1) "Debate '76"
Episode 25/September 18, 1976
Featuring Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter, Chevy Chase as President Gerald Ford and host Lily Tomlin as the debate's moderator.

2) "The Phone Company"
Episode 25/September 18, 1976
Host Lily Tomlin plays telephone operator Ernestine.

3) "Debate '76"
Episode 28/October 16, 1976
Host Karen Black is the moderator of this presidential debate between Ford and Carter.

4) "Debate '76"
Episode 30/October 30, 1976
In his final episode as a cast member, Chevy Chase plays President Gerald Ford in his third and last debate with Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd). Host Buck Henry is the moderator.

5) "Baba Wawa at Large"
Episode 32/November 20, 1976
Henry Kissinger (John Belushi) discusses his career with Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner).

6) "Right to Extreme Stupidity League"
Episode 34/December 11, 1976
Host Candice Bergen gets a bad case of the giggles during this sketch after she addresses Gilda Radner's character by the wrong name.

7) Emily Litella on "Weekend Update"
Episode 35/January 15, 1977
Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) is against making Puerto Rico a "steak".

8) Emily Litella on "Weekend Update"
Episode 36/January 22, 1977
Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) tells Jane Curtin that she has nothing to report on.

9) "The Coneheads at Home"
Episode 38/February 26, 1977
An IRS agent (host Steve Martin) questions the Coneheads about their tax returns.

10) "Ask President Carter"
Episode 39/March 12, 1977
Walter Cronkite (Bill Murray) hosts a radio Q&A with President Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd). This episode won SNL its second consecutive Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy-Variety or Music Series.

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