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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Live from New York, it's SNL's Top 10 Moments of 1991-92

To celebrate Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary on October 11, I thought it would be fun to feature some of the show's most memorable moments (in chronological order). Click here to see previous posts - and now let's look back at SNL's 17th season (1991-92):

1) "Schmitt's Gay Beer"
Episode 307/September 28, 1991
Chris Farley and Adam Sandler enjoy housesitting with some gay pool guys.

2) "The Tonight Show"
Episode 308/October 5, 1991
Featuring Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson, Phil Hartman as Ed McMahon, and host Jeff Daniels as Jay Leno.

3) "Il Cantore Restaurant"
Episode 309/October 12, 1991
Kevin Nealon and host Kirstie Alley play a couple who go to an Italian restaurant for dinner.

4) "Coffee Talk"
Episode 309/October 12, 1991
Linda Richman (Mike Myers) makes her first appearance as the host of Coffee Talk, and she and her friend Sheila (Kirstie Alley) discuss Barbra Streisand.

5) "Massive Headwound Harry"
Episode 312/November 16, 1991
A dog steals this sketch featuring Dana Carvey and host Linda Hamilton.

6) "The Partridge Family vs. The Brady Bunch"
Episode 318/February 8, 1992
Unfortunately, it's not the entire sketch, which features the two TV families in a Battle of the Bands. Host Susan Dey reprises her role as Laurie Partridge, and the sketch also stars Melanie Hutsell (Jan Brady), Dana Carvey (Keith Partridge), Mike Myers (Danny Partridge), Julia Sweeney (Shirley Partridge), Siobhan Fallon (Tracy Partridge), Kevin Nealon (Greg Brady), Beth Cahill (Marcia Brady), Victoria Jackson (Cindy Brady), Adam Sandler (Peter Brady), Chris Farley (Reuben Kincaid), David Spade (Chris Partridge) and Rob Schneider (Bobby Brady).

7) "Dick Clark's Receptionist"
Episode 320/February 22, 1992
Featuring David Spade as Dick Clark's receptionist, host Roseanne Arnold as herself, and Phil Hartman as Jesus.

8) "Coffee Talk"
Episode 320/February 22, 1992
Barbra Streisand makes a surprise appearance as herself in this sketch starring Mike Myers as Linda Richman, special guest Madonna as Linda's best friend Liz Rosenberg, and host Roseanne Arnold as Liz's mother.

9) "Wayne's World"
Episode 323/April 11, 1992
Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) share their picks for the Best and Worst moments of the 1992 Oscars.

10) "The Guy Who Plays Mr. Belvedere Fan Club"
Episode 325/May 9, 1992
Host Tom Hanks stars in this sketch about the crazy fans of the actor who played TV's Mr. Belvedere.


Alan Scott said...

Barbara Streisand popping into "Coffee Talk" is one of my favorite moments on SNL. I don't watch it religiously but I was tuned in that night. It was awesome! Like buttah!

However, Massive Head Wound Harry was a little over the top for me. Wasn't that the same episode with Linda Hamilton when Pat wanted to join a gym?

Marc Harshbarger said...

Thanks for your comment, Alan! And, yes, the Pat at the gym sketch was featured in that same Linda Hamilton episode. As for the "Harry" sketch, I only included it because of the scene-stealing dog.