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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Live from New York, it's SNL's Top 10 Moments of 1998-2000

To celebrate Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary on October 11, I thought it would be fun to feature some of the show's most memorable moments (in chronological order). Click here to see previous posts - and now let's look back at SNL's 24th and 25th seasons (1998-2000):

1) "Pretty Living"
Episode 450/October 24, 1998
Featuring licensed joyologist Helen Madden (Molly Shannon) and her yogi, Hal Lieberman (host Ben Stiller).

2) "Lewinsky/Tripp Phone Chat"
Episode 453/November 21, 1998
John Goodman makes a cameo as Linda Tripp, who pigs out while chatting with Monica Lewinsky (Molly Shannon) on the phone.

3) "Dog Show"
Episode 454/December 5, 1998
The first appearance of Miss Colleen (Molly Shannon), her homosexual husband, David Larry (Will Ferrell), and their dogs, Mr. Rocky Balboa and a scene-stealing Mr. Bojangles.

4) "The Delicious Dish"
Episode 455/December 12, 1998
Margaret Jo (Ana Gasteyer) and Teri (Molly Shannon) talk to baker Pete Schweddy (host Alec Baldwin) about his Christmas balls.

5) "Mary Katherine Gallagher"
Episode 458/February 6, 1999
Host Gwyneth Paltrow stars in this sketch featuring Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon), who wants to join the Black Angels girl gang.

6) "Barbara Walters Tries Phone Sex"
Episode 461/March 13, 1999
Barbara Walters (Cheri Oteri) calls Tom Brokaw (Chris Parnell), Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Hillary Clinton (Ana Gasteyer).

7) "Celebrity Jeopardy!"
Episode 468/October 23, 1999
Featuring Burt Reynolds (host Norm Macdonald), Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon) and Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell).

8) "Police Recruit Fitness Testing"
Episode 478/February 19, 2000
Host Ben Affleck stars in this sketch featuring 50-year-old Sally O'Malley (Molly Shannon), who wants to join the police academy.

9) "Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult"
Episode 481/April 8, 2000
As the members of Blue Oyster Cult record "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", producer Bruce Dickinson (host Christopher Walken) informs them that he wants to hear more cowbell.

10) "Burger Castle"
Episode 482/April 15, 2000
Host Tobey Maguire stars in this sketch featuring Nadeen (Cheri Oteri), who tells her customers at Burger Castle to "simmer down now!"

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