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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Live from New York, it's SNL's Top 10 Moments of 2000-02

To celebrate Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary on October 11, I thought it would be fun to feature some of the show's most memorable moments (in chronological order). Click here to see previous posts - and now let's look back at SNL's 26th and 27th seasons (2000-02):

1) "First Presidential Debate"
Episode 486/October 7, 2000
Vice President Al Gore (Darrell Hammond) and Gov. George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) face off in the first presidential debate moderated by Jim Lehrer (Chris Parnell).

2) "The Delicious Dish"
Episode 488/October 21, 2000
Margaret Jo (Ana Gasteyer) and Teri (Molly Shannon) talk Halloween with teacher Gordon Hoover (host Dana Carvey).

3) "Jeffrey's"
Episode 497/February 17, 2001
A pair of trendy clothing store employees (Jimmy Fallon, host Sean Hayes) toss insults at customers. Will Ferrell also appears as their boss.

4) "The Delicious Dish"
Episode 501/April 7, 2001
Margaret Jo McCullen (Ana Gasteyer) introduces Lynn Bershad (Rachel Dratch) as her new co-host and welcomes back Pete Schweddy (host Alec Baldwin) as their guest.

5) "Jeffrey's"
Episode 503/May 5, 2001
Featuring host Pierce Brosnan and Jimmy Fallon as two condescending clothing store clerks and Will Ferrell as their boss.

6) "Jeffrey's"
Episode 507/October 6, 2001
Two rude clothing store clerks (host Seann William Scott, Jimmy Fallon) insult customers before their supervisor (Will Ferrell) shows up.

7) "Patriotic Shorts"
Episode 507/October 6, 2001
Dale McGrew (Will Ferrell) shows up at an office meeting in a pair of flag speedos to show his patriotism.

8) "Love-ahs"
Episode 508/October 13, 2001
Professors Roger and Virginia Clarvin (Will Ferrell, Rachel Dratch) play hot tub matchmakers for businessman Dave (Jimmy Fallon) and their friend Barbara (host Drew Barrymore).

9) "The Delicious Dish"
Episode 520/March 16, 2002
Liam Shannessy (host Ian McKellen) discusses Irish cuisine with Margaret Jo (Ana Gasteyer) and Lynn (Rachel Dratch).

10) "The Tony Bennett Show"
Episode 523/April 20, 2002
Tony Bennett (host Alec Baldwin) welcomes his guests Liza Minnelli (Maya Rudolph) and her new husband David Gest (Chris Kattan).

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