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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Web Series Worth Watching: The Season Finales of The Horizon and Where the Bears Are

Web Series of the Week: The Horizon and Where the Bears Are
This week I'm featuring these two long-running series and their season finales.

The Horizon's sixth season concludes with an unexpected major decision from one of its characters. To catch up on the Australian gay soap opera, go to You can also follow the series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the action-packed final episodes of the Bears' fourth season, Nelson and Todd's wedding day is interrupted by Dickie's gun-toting killer, and later the Bears find themselves in dire peril on board a luxury yacht. And there is even time for a song from Nelson's two favorite singers, Matt Zarley and Tom Goss. To catch up on the series, go to You can also follow the Bears on Facebook and Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: The next Web Series Worth Watching will be on Sunday, November 8.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

Boy Toys
I enjoyed the first episode of this new gay sitcom about the friendship between two young men - Ivan (Brian Jordan Alvarez), an L.A. go-go boy, and his new roommate Frankie (Brad Wergley). Alvarez and Wergley - who are also the co-creators of the series - are both great, and I look forward to seeing what happens next with their amusing characters. For more Boy Toys, subscribe to Alvarez's YouTube channel.

Club 5150
Check out the trailer for this new web series written and directed by Steve Silverman (Pretty, The Inn) that will debut in November. It stars Crista Flanagan, Adrienne Wilkinson, Michael Caruso, Mary Gallagher, Wayne Wilderson, Sharon Houston, Mari Weiss, Eden Riegel, Crystal Carson, Lee Sherman & Days of our Lives' Deidre Hall. For updates, you can follow Club 5150 on Twitter.

Steam Room Stories
The latest episode of this comedy series stars Ray Tezanos and Raif Derrazi, who discuss how some guys are straight-hot and others are gay-hot. For more Steam Room Stories, go to You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies
To celebrate Halloween, the fabulous film critic reviews the 1951 sci-fi classic, The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. For more TOQ, subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can also become a fan on Facebook and follow Steve on Twitter.

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