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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Web Series Worth Watching: The Bay returns for a 4th season of delicious drama

Web Series of the Week: The Bay
Returning for its fourth season, Gregori J. Martin's Emmy Award-winning - and highly addictive - soap opera features an Orange Is the New Black twist as matriarch Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) goes to prison for murder and meets inmates Big Candi (Kym Whitley) and Lola (Patsy Pease, who is reunited with Evans, her Days of our Lives sister). Meanwhile, Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow) tries to find her mother Janice (Lilly Melgar) to confront her about her affair with Pete Garrett (Kristos Andrews). As usual, there is lots of delicious drama going on in Bay City, and I look forward to seeing where this new season takes us.

To catch up on The Bay, go to And you can follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: The Fifth Annual Groovy Award Nominations - honoring the best web series of 2015 - will be announced next Sunday, December 13.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

You can check out a teaser video for this Emmy Award-winning drama, which will soon return with new episodes and special guest stars Elizabeth Hubbard and Martha Byrne (who played mother and daughter Lucinda and Lily Walsh on As the World Turns). To catch up on Anacostia, subscribe to its YouTube channel. You can also follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

The Benefits of Gusbandry
In the hilarious third episode of this new web series, River and Jackie swap places in the dating world. For more The Benefits of Gusbandry, go to And you can follow the series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Coffee House Chronicles
In the latest episode of this LGBT anthology series, two friends - gay Lance (Cameron Ferguson) and straight Peter (Tommy Dickie) - challenge each other to venture beyond each other's sexual comfort levels. For more Coffee House Chronicles, go to And you can follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Steam Room Stories
Chad Olson and Josh Wise discuss porn pirating in the latest episode of this steamy sketch comedy. For more Steam Room Stories, go to And you can follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies
The fabulous film critic reviews two movies starring one of my favorite couples - Nick and Nora Charles (played by William Powell and Myrna Loy) in The Thin Man (1934) and After the Thin Man (1936). For more TOQ, subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can also become a fan on Facebook and follow Steve on Twitter.

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