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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

31 Cold Days of Hot Guys #13: Michael Biehn

This month DEEP DISH is featuring a different hot guy(s) every day to warm you up during this cold winter season (click here to see previous Hot Guys).

Today's Hot Guy is actor Michael Biehn, who was 21 when he played Cathy Lee Crosby's young lover in his first feature film, Coach. Below you can watch him in this 1978 comedy as well as The Fan (1981), The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian (1984) and The Terminator (1984) and two interviews about his 1986 film, Aliens.

Biehn, now 59, later appeared in such films as The Abyss (1989), Tombstone (1993), Grindhouse/Planet Terror (2007) and Take Me Home Tonight (2011) and in the 1998-2000 CBS series, The Magnificent Seven.

1 comment:

angelman66 said...

OMG - Michael was DREAMY!!!