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Friday, February 26, 2016

Deep Dish Pool Party #158

So I've changed my mind. Dishes will be retired - but not until their 40th week (remember Connor Moxam, 2014's Dish of the Year? He stayed at the party for 39 weeks, so someone will have to break his record).

Also, this week you can only vote for two Dishes because I enjoy making your life difficult. Now on to the Deep Dish Pool Party!

The rules are simple - each week I feature 10 Dishes of the Day and you get to invite your two favorites over for some wet and wild fun. The five guys who receive the most votes get to stay, and the following week five new Dishes are added to the guest list.

1) Dish #1760: Saul Harris
Last Week #2, W17, 41 invites out of 239

2) Dish #1811: Cole Monahan
LW #1, W7, 35 invites

3) Dish #1783
LW #3, W12, 33 invites

4) Dish #1807: Colby Melvin
LW #4, W7, 28 invites

5) Dish #1822
LW #4, W4, 27 invites

6) Dish #1837

7) Dish #1838: Simon Dunn

8) Dish #1839

9) Dish #1840

10) Dish #1841

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