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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Remembering Karen Carpenter on her birthday

Today would have been the 66th birthday of singer Karen Carpenter, who left us much too soon in 1983 at age 32. So to celebrate the life and career of this lovely and talented lady, here is a collection of videos featuring the Carpenters and their groovy music:

A 1968 performance by the Dick Carpenter Trio on Your All-American College Show

A performance of "Ticket to Ride" (from their debut album, Offering) on Your All-American College Show on December 1, 1969

Their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on October 18, 1970

A medley of Burt Bacharach songs on The Ed Sullivan Show on November 8, 1970 (which was taped at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. for wounded GI's)

A performance of "For All We Know" on The Andy Williams Show on February 13, 1971

This Is Your Life on February 14, 1971

The Carol Burnett Show on September 22, 1971

Their debut BBC concert, Carpenters: Live at the BBC, was recorded during their first British tour on September 25, 1971 (and it aired in the UK on November 6, 1971).

"Hurting Each Other" (from their fourth album, A Song for You) was released as a single in December 1971.

The Carol Burnett Show on January 19, 1972

The Carpenters - Live in Australia (at Festival Hall in Melbourne) on May 24, 1972

Jerry Dunphy Visits the Carpenters in 1972

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on November 5, 1973

Talk of the Town concert in London in 1974

A 1975 music video for "Please Mr. Postman" (which was filmed in Disneyland)

A 1975 music video for "Only Yesterday" from their sixth album, Horizon

The Carpenters Concert: Live at the New London Theatre (which was recorded at the end of their 1976 British tour)

Carpenters Very First Television Special aired on ABC on December 8, 1976, with guests John Denver and Victor Borge.

The Tonight Show on January 27, 1977, with guest host Steve Martin

The Carpenters at Christmas, their second TV special, aired on ABC on December 9, 1977, with guests Kristy McNichol and Harvey Korman.

The Carpenters... Space Encounters, their third TV special, aired on ABC on May 17, 1978, with guests John Davidson and Suzanne Somers.

The Tonight Show on June 27, 1978, with guest host John Davidson

The Carpenters: A Christmas Portrait, their fourth TV special, aired on ABC on December 19, 1978, with guests Gene Kelly, Georgia Engel, Kristy McNichol and Jimmy McNichol.

Their final TV special, The Carpenters: Music, Music, Music, aired on May 16, 1980, with guest Ella Fitzgerald.

Their final album, Made in America, was released on June 16, 1981, and featured "Touch Me When We're Dancing" and "Beechwood 4-5789".

The Merv Griffin Show on November 2, 1981, with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

1 comment:

Mark in DE said...

I've always loved The Carpenters. Karen had a unique and unmistakable voice. Richard was also quite talented in writing and arranging. Spouse & I renovated our 1st house listening to The Carpenters Greatest Hits box set. :-)