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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Groovy List #14 starring Bea Arthur and Bobby Darin

The Groovy List is a weekly Top 10 of recommended videos featuring pop culture of the past and present:

1) Groovy Birthday Gal #1: Bea Arthur
The Emmy Award-winning actress, who left us in 2009 at age 86, would have celebrated her 94th birthday today. Below you can watch her sing on The Beatrice Arthur Special (which aired on CBS on January 19, 1980) and promote The Golden Girls in a 1985 Today Show interview and a 1986 interview with the cast.

2) Groovy Series Finale: The Good Wife
I'm one of the few people who liked the final episode, which aired on May 8 and featured the return of Josh Charles as Will Gardner.

3) Groovy Birthday Guy: Bobby Darin
The Grammy Award-winning singer, who left us in 1973 at age 37, would have celebrated his 80th birthday on May 14. Below you can watch him on The Judy Garland Show (1963), The Andy Williams Show (1965) and the 1967 BBC special, Bobby Darin in London.

4) Groovy Duo #1: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
The married couple sing along to "The Fighter" (featuring Carrie Underwood) from his new album, Ripcord, which was released on May 6.

5) Groovy Broadway Gal: Jessie Mueller
The Tony Award-winning actress promotes her current Broadway musical, Waitress, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

6) Groovy Duo #2: James Corden and Cyndi Lauper
The Late Late Show host and the Grammy Award-winning singer perform a duet of "Girls Just Want Equal Funds", a parody of her 1983 hit, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

7) Groovy Guy: Dan Savage
The LGBT activist, Savage Love columnist and The Real O'Neals executive producer is a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

8) Groovy Birthday Gal #2: Lainie Kazan
To celebrate Lainie's 76th birthday on May 15, below you can watch her recreate her Funny Girl audition on The Bell Telephone Hour (1964), perform on The Dean Martin Show (1968) and appear on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers in 1987 (with guest host Estelle Getty).

9) Groovy TV Cliffhanger #1: Bobby Ewing's Death and Resurrection on Dallas
On May 17, 1985, the CBS soap ended its eighth season with the death of Bobby Ewing (as Patrick Duffy left the series). However, a year later on May 16, 1986, Bobby's widow Pam woke up from a bad dream and found him alive and wet in her shower.

10) Groovy TV Cliffhanger #2: Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre
On May 15, 1985, the ABC soap ended its fifth season with the infamous massacre during Amanda and Prince Michael's royal wedding - but only Lady Ashley Mitchell (Ali MacGraw) and Steven's boyfriend Luke Fuller (Billy Campbell) were killed (below is a French version of the wedding/massacre).

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