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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Web Series Worth Watching: Jonathan Crimeni in Capitol Hill

Web Series of the Week: Capitol Hill
This Dynasty-inspired dragtastic series continues to be a weird and wonderfully addictive delight in its second season as it tells the story of Roses Smell, an innocent young girl from Portland who begins a new life in Seattle. In the latest episode, the Queen Bee of Seattle TV, Dottie Pearl (the fabulous Robbie Turner), finally faces her inner demon, while Tania and Dinky Pie (a scene-stealing Jackie Hell) begin to set a trap for the Mayor and his porn-tacular moustache (played by the handsome Jonathan Crimeni, who looks even better without facial hair). And be sure to stay tuned until after the closing credits for a guest appearance by gay porn star Colby Keller - Capitol Hill offers something for everyone!

If you're not already a fan of the series, I do recommend that you start at the beginning in order to enjoy its many twists and turns. To catch up, go to You can also follow Capitol Hill on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. And the pics of Mr. Crimeni are by photographer LaRae Lobdell.

PLEASE NOTE: The next Web Series Worth Watching will be on Sunday, June 26.

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Coffee House Chronicles
In "Trans-itions", the latest episode of this LGBT anthology series, a trans man, Leo (Ian Harvie), goes on his first date as a man with Rachel (Trace Lysette), and each of them strives to be honest about what they want. For more Coffee House Chronicles, go to And you can follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo
Check out the latest episode of this comedy about the intertwining romantic lives of Caleb and his friends. Click here to subscribe to creator Brian Jordan Alvarez's YouTube channel, and you can follow the series on Facebook.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted
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Old Dogs & New Tricks
Check out the trailer for ODNT's new mini-movie special, 'Where Were YOU When the Rights Went ON?', which debuts on June 25. To catch up on the series, go to You can also follow ODNT on Facebook and Twitter.

Steam Room Stories
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Unknown said...

What is the password to view Capitol Hill on Vimeo?

Marc Harshbarger said...

Hi, Unknown! It appears that Capitol Hill episodes have been removed from Vimeo, and it probably has something to do with porn star Colby Keller, who was briefly featured in the series. I've replaced the Vimeo episode with one from Facebook. Below is a link to a recent Towleroad interview with Mr. Keller and a Facebook response from CH creator Wes Hurley:

"So some folks reached out to me after noticing that Colby Keller has been removed from the episodes of Capitol Hill Series. Here's what happened:

When I saw the article by Andy Towle below I was mortified and sad. I always liked Colby. He and I never discussed politics before, but I guess I kind of assumed that he's not a Trump supporter (silly me!). Also coming from the USSR/Russia I couldn't believe that Colby would think that "overtures" to the bloody mafia-backed Russian dictator or the communist regime in China are "encouraging". In that moment I felt deeply ashamed to have my work being associated with someone like Colby. Editing him out of "Capitol Hill" crossed my mind but I decided that it's problematic to do something like that just based on him expressing his political views.

So instead I reached out to Colby to express my disappointment in his statement. He lashed out at me and proceeded to spew far left conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton (did you know she's secretly part of the Christian Right?) He also asked to be taken out of "Capitol Hill". I was relieved. Now I could delete him from my work without being the "bad censor" guy."