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Friday, July 8, 2016

The Groovy List still thinks Mondays are a bitch

The Groovy List is a weekly Top 10 of recommended videos featuring pop culture, LGBT news and gorgeous guys:

1) Groovy TV Flashback #1: Melrose Place
On July 8, 1992, the Fox series aired its first episode, and below you can watch the original opening credits, three scenes from the pilot, and a 2012 reunion for Entertainment Weekly’s Reunions Issue, which was filmed for Good Morning America (with ABC News correspondent Amy Robach, who is married to Melrose star Andrew Shue).

2) Groovy Birthday Guy #1: Harrison Ford
To celebrate Mr. Ford's 74th birthday on July 13, below you can watch him on The Mike Douglas Show (with co-host Richard Thomas and Star Wars co-stars Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill) on July 20, 1977, and on the French TV series, Spécial Cinéma (with Fisher and Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz), on September 20, 1977.

3) Groovy Birthday Guy #2: Tom Hanks
To celebrate Mr. Hank's 60th birthday on July 9, below you can watch him in his first two appearances on NBC's Late Night with David Letterman on April 4, 1984, and August 20, 1985.

4) Groovy Birthday Guy #3: Tab Hunter
To celebrate Mr. Hunter's 85th birthday on July 11, below you can watch him as the Mystery Guest on What's My Line? on February 3, 1957, and in a 1977 interview with Dan Rather on the CBS series, Who's Who.

5) Groovy Birthday Guy #4: Kevin Bacon
To celebrate Mr. Bacon's 58th birthday today, below you can watch him in a 1986 interview on the Canadian series, City Lights (with host Brian Linehan) and on NBC's Later with Bob Costas on April 4, 1989.

6) Groovy Birthday Gal #1: Brett Somers
The actress/game show personality, who left us in 2007 at age 83, would have celebrated her 92nd birthday on July 11. Below you can watch her in two 1974 episodes of Match Game.

7) Groovy Birthday Gal #2: Anjelica Huston
To celebrate Ms. Huston's 65th birthday today, below you can watch her on The Barbara Walters Special on November 5, 1991.

8) Groovy Birthday Gal #3: Jane Lynch
To celebrate Ms. Lynch's 56th birthday on July 14, below you can watch her perform as Carol Brady in The Real Live Brady Bunch at NYC's Village Gate in 1991 and be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight in 1992.

9) Groovy Broadway Guy: Jesse Tyler Ferguson
The actor, who is starring on Broadway in Fully Committed through July 31, appears on The Broadway Channel's Ask a Star.

10) Groovy TV Flashback #2: Northern Exposure
On July 12, 1990, the CBS series aired its first episode, and below you can watch a clip from a 1992 episode featuring guest star Bibi Besch as Maggie's mother.

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